All Boba Fett Chest And Shoulder Decals


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Thanks for this info Rafal, almost had these printed up on vinyl for my ESB armour locally but that post 2 up ^ just saved me the bother.... now if only I can figure out this damn airbrush....

Cheers again, I was planning on marking up one of the plates with all the folk from this site that have helped me on my build but I think I'll be struggling for space..


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You should print with the fit to page option to have the actual size. Don't forget to choose the correct page format, A4 or Letter.

Ok simple; I use Adobe now for printing templates, they seem to be more accurate in that format. I will use standard A4 and the option 'fit to page' then (y)


Thanks! You can use it as a stencil by applying each color separately or you can make your own decal.
Thank you for your answer!
Which one do you recomend?
I think that with the decal it might be easier to achieve more accuarcy but they might get scratched too easy. Plus, I've never made my own decal so it might end up too shiny :eek:


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Most of the chest and shoulder emblems were painted, except the ROTJ ones, which were decals. You can do some training by painting a logo on a scrap piece and see if the result satisfy you.
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