All Boba Fett Chest And Shoulder Decals

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    ROYSTERONE Jr Member

    A great source of information, superb !
  2. hooligan68

    hooligan68 New Member

    Great info and details
  3. Thoth

    Thoth New Member

    This is one of those challenging parts of the costume, that is for sure. Great info.
  4. Cwmarcom

    Cwmarcom Jr Member

    Awesome visuals and info for us just starting our builds. Keep it up

    VIARPE Jr Member

    Nice work!!!
    are these meant to be stenciled?
    I don't get how to use them...
  6. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

    Thanks! You can use it as a stencil by applying each color separately or you can make your own decal.

    VIARPE Jr Member

    Thank you for your answer!
    Which one do you recomend?
    I think that with the decal it might be easier to achieve more accuarcy but they might get scratched too easy. Plus, I've never made my own decal so it might end up too shiny :eek:
  8. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

    Most of the chest and shoulder emblems were painted, except the ROTJ ones, which were decals. You can do some training by painting a logo on a scrap piece and see if the result satisfy you.

    VIARPE Jr Member

    I will try! Thanks!!!
  10. Cylonraider

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    These are awesome. I didn't know there were so many variations. Thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you for making these available
  11. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words, sir!
  12. TK16602

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    Very cool! (And informative!)
  13. mayjafett

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    Gosh you dont see many PP builds, this is going to turn out sweet.
  14. Cwmarcom

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    Awesome. Very helpful. Thanks
  15. Sky

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    Wow i love the work looks great!
  16. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

  17. GregoryFett

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    Greate Job, tks for share¡¡ Regards
  18. GypsyCaille

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    I bet these make people's lives easier!

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