All Boba Fett Chest And Shoulder Decals


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Rearranged all files in the first post, this way each suit has both decals (chest and shoulder logos) in one place. Also added PNG files with transparency for those who want to do their own decal sets.

Have fun with these files!


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So so helpful. Thanks very much, I knew there were some differences, but your contribution has really helped me develop my armour more accurately.


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Your a Legend, as has been said your MR Perfection!

Wow! Thanks a lot! The last time we (Jayvee and myself; I know we will hear again that line:

...and watching the collaboration between Rafal and Jayvee, I'm going to have to insist you two be married. With your powers combined.... CAPTAIN PLAAAAANET and such.
*quote taken from post #81 in Jayvee's ESB paint thread) agreed to moved from 'Mr. Perfection' to 'Captain Perfection' this way giving to this title a military-like taste... (insert old man rant here)


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Here is what I don't get. Clearly the chest emblem is a blue/white/red, which is exactly how you are making them, which is correct and they look great. Awesome job! But I keep seeing it in green/cream/red everywhere. Even the top of this site has it that way. Have I seriously missed something? Where was it a green/cream/red emblem on armor? If the border was green, it would wash out on the green armor plate, so you wouldn't see it at all. Maybe I'm just overlooking something. Thoughts?

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Im pretty sure thats just something that was done for aftermarket patches...since Fetts "color" is green. I have seen patches ansd stickers like that, but they are usually in accurate in other aspects as well.


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Again, another resource I want to thank in my second Helmet build. The Decals, i priced these just for the sticker a few years ago and it was ridiculous. Thanks for taking the time and making these. Another Must have!!
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