Ali Shin tool parts from 'found' part - *Taking Payments*


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I received the prototypes today and I have a small adjustment to make to the chamfer on the tip where the knurl is...
Other than that it measures up perfectly to the found part I have...


Good that this part has been identified now. Were they available with (2 pivot?) holes or did the prop guys drill the 2nd hole?

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Mojo Fett

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Just thought I'd drop in an older thread...

Seems I had a small batch of these kicking around in the workshop! so If any of you would like to pimp your shin tools with some Mojo goodies... ;)


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Hold that thought........I am playing with about a dozen sets of parts over the next few weeks.

Gav, all the parts are in on the harness rig, I may have one or two done tomorrow, if not monday (y)


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This is a pretty old thread and Mojo fett pretty much only sells stuff through ebay these days but he still does these. His account is Mojo_skywalker or just type
Star Wars - Boba Fett Shin Tool - Anti-Security Blade Rod[/h]in the search bar and you'll find them.