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What color do you professionals use for the top color on the ROTJ jet pack rocket? I was looking at mine today and the misted burgandy isn't cutting it. Anyone have a perfect match?
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Testors, my friend! Red Metal Flake. Paint your silver first, then mask and flake away!
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I did the three foot mist with burgandy paint. If you make it too red, just mist over it with some silver until you get the right combo of the two.
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I noticed in the Ref. CD that the Rocket tip is like a burgundy or maroon color, and I know is NOT RED. I was thinking about painting my JP rocket tip with one of the metallic colors that comes in a little can found in the Auto section at Walmart. I think that it will give a real metallic look to the Jet Pack Rocket. But if so, which color will be better to do that?
Now that Brak's Buddy went to the exhibits and a few other people, what color or how did it look exactly in person? Open to suggestions...

Webchief, I agree with you. The rocket tip is mostly silver with little "left-over" reddish color, like if the tip was a reddish metallic color and it got so messed up that it has just a little bit of red left.
I'll do what BobaFettish said, which sounds great to me (and cheaper too):)(y)

Well, I decided to go the Automotive paint way for this one. I bought a little can of some Metallic Burgundy which is close to the one to the one from the MoM pics (can't remember the color, cause they have different tones of the same at Walmart), and just to avoid fixing the colors if I make a mistake. I'm still gonna use the 3-feet misting technique.

I'll let you know how did it come out.

Thought I'd post a pic of my finished jet pack since I started this thread asking how to finish it. I used elmer's no run glue and it worked great. Peeled off fine, and stayed in place when I needed it to. Sorry for the poor quality. The jpg coding screwed it up.


I used burgundy automotive paint
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