A slow start to a loooong project....


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Hi all! I haven't posted much on here yet....but I figured I'd let you in on my progress so far. I'm working on a custom mandalorian. I don't have armor, don't have a helmet (have one lined up...but no extra $$), don't have gauntlets or guns...

But I do have this!


It's actually just a test. I found these jumpsuits in my wife's grandmother's attic. My wife had to let the sides out a bit (of course). We're still working on the sleeves as they aren't really attached in this picture yet...

The suit comes as a short sleeve...so we used the legs of one of the many other suits I found, to make the sleeves.

So...not much to look at yet...but it's coming along. I've got some concept pics...but my scanner is dismantled at the moment. I'll try to get some up soon.

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