A Fett of a different color


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This was a fully commissioned kit for a 501st member of the CA's Inland Empire Squad. The concept was simple. "If Fett were a sniper..."
Off we went.
The kit has an ESB feel and accents of ROTJ. Custom Sniper rifle 6'6" long. Multiple laser sights with mounted predator laser on right gauntlet. Spring loaded bipod on rifle with removable silencer. Flat black and gunmetal with cobalt blue accents. ESB damage.

Animefan bucket. JC27 light kit and servo.
Fettronics V3 Chest display with RafalFett sequence.
IOA/RKD V3 Armor,V1 gaunts, aluminum flamethrower.
MoW Jetpack, flightsuit, flak, spats, boots, and pouches.
Ammo belt by DeltaMike13.
Custom rifle and sidearm by Molon Labe Studios.
All paint, assembly, weathering by Molon Labe Studios.
Cape and girth by Molon Labe Studios.
I'm sure I'll be adding more info as I remember it...

The Bucket.
Mixture of layered and topical damage. Animefan budget CC bucket. Mirrored chrome visor. JC27 Lights and servo.
DSCN3732.jpg DSCN3733.jpg DSCN3734.jpg DSCN3737.jpg DSCN3738.jpg DSCN3740.jpg DSCN3742.jpg DSCN3743.jpg DSCN3744.jpg


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Next was RKDs V3 ESB Armor. Fettronics V3 Chest display (RafelFett sequence). Still have to find the backplate and kidney pics...

DSCN3757.jpg DSCN3759.jpg DSCN3760.jpg DSCN3761.jpg DSCN3762.jpg DSCN3763.jpg
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The Gauntlets and Jetpack.
RKDs V1 gaunts with his new aluminum flamethrower. A badass addition btw Will. Great work. MoW Jetpack with aluminum stabilizer, and red flashing LED beacon. Magnetic missile and panel attachment. Gunmetal and cobalt.
DSCN3841 (2).JPG DSCN3842 (2).JPG DSCN3844 (2).JPG DSCN3843 (2).JPG DSCN3846 (2).JPG

The right gauntlet is altered. A picatinny rail was added to the inside of the right gauntlet where a 4 beam predator laser was mounted.
DSCN3847 (2).JPG DSCN3848 (2).JPG DSCN3849 (2).JPG DSCN3850 (2).JPG DSCN3852 (2).JPG

MoW Jetpack. Gunmetal with black and blue accents.
DSCN3862.jpg DSCN3854 (2).JPG DSCN3856.jpg DSCN3855 (2).JPG DSCN3861.jpg DSCN3857.jpg

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The EE-3 Sniper Rifle. This was fun. ESB/ROTJ/Custom mash-up. Spring loaded bipod mounted on a picatinny rail. Removable quick connect silencer. Rifle breaks down into 3 pieces to transport. Scope with laser sight. 6'6" long from butt to silencer. Black leather sling. Galvanized steel barrel.

DSCN3775 (2).JPG DSCN3765 (2).JPG DSCN3766.jpg DSCN3767.jpg DSCN3768.jpg DSCN3777 (2).JPG DSCN3778.jpg DSCN3779.jpg DSCN3785 (2).JPG DSCN3786 (2).JPG DSCN3787 (2).JPG DSCN3793 (2).JPG DSCN3795 (2).JPG DSCN3798 (2).JPG DSCN3802 (2).JPG

Three piece Sidearm kit and Holster by Molon Labe Studios.
Flexible resin with magnetic closure.
DSCN3821.jpg DSCN3822.jpg DSCN3824.jpg DSCN3826.jpg DSCN3825.jpg

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I like how you are going with this.
It's at C7 now. He entered the costume contest. I couldn't post pics of it til today. If he got the final pieces for the jetpack, it'll be a sight to behold.

DSCN3764 (2).JPG


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Cape by MLS, girth belt dyed & painted and me. The ammo belt was a masterpiece by DeltaMike13. I'll have to dig up pics of it. The flightsuit, flak, spats, boots, and pouches were MoWs. Pics needed of those as well. I should have pics of the full suit here within a day after C7.

DSCN3832 (2).JPG DSCN3837 (2).JPG DSCN3853.jpg
Real horse hair scalps. ESB style. All ties were made blue, blonde was switched to grey hair, the rest stayed the same.

Delta13's Ammo belt is a masterpiece. I had a really hard time weathering this up. I couldn't do it. This is pre-weathered. I ended up adding a little acrylic paint for rub marks but have no pics to show.
20150312_125419_zpsslkqghsg.JPG 20150312_125438_zpshs0dnk3e.JPG 20150312_125447_zpstkwjafu4.JPG

Here was Steve's test fit a few days ago. Better pics to come.
Screenshot_2015-04-13-22-55-28_zpszw6rm3ca (2).PNG Screenshot_2015-04-13-22-55-32_zps3dmix3wo (2).PNG
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