a $1,300 rubies?

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Anyone have any more info on this? After seeing some of the rubies I'm surprised they are still allowed to make them!

Rubies Boba Fett helmet with base
Price: $1,299.95
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds

Preorder yours today. Ships in Aug 2004. Picture coming soon. Wearable, fully lined fiberglass collectors grade helmet. Comes with a display base, individually numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.

These folks at Rubies are in the costume/prop business. This is what they do for a living. And yet it seems to me they have no clue as to what is going on out here in the prop world, and the quality of the helmets currently circulating. What are these people thinking?
As a dealer, This is a high end detailed wearable helmet. This is not like the cheep vinyl Jango that sells for about $60.00. I do agree they are very overpriced but to get GL to sign off on licensing for something like this is expensive. Even at wholesale price I am not willing to pay for this.
does anyone own one of these so called high end Rubies helmets? I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to have the helmet base for my bucket.
Just go make 4 or 5 squares out of 1/2" mdf board that are an inch smaller on all sides and then glue them all together in stacked form. Paint them black and you have a nice base. Then drill a hole in the center that will alow a wooden or plex rod to go into as your post for the helmet. then screw a small block of wood on top of the rod, wrap it with foam and then wrap that with black vinyl and staple it to the underside of the block and there you go. :)

boba_fettish wrote:

Preorder yours today. Ships in Aug 2004. Picture coming soon.

Shipping 3 months ago, and they still don't have pics up anywhere on the internet... Yeah, this helmet's going to be great...
I seen this boba rubies helmet in a hobbie shop as a presale display. It did not look that great at all.

The vader on the other hand looks very good, its not a recaste of the classic action don post because I noticed the cheeks have the uneven sides, but why cant they do good Fett helmets I just dont know, the size really isnt the problem it looks almost like a mystery helmet in size, I cannot be sure but I have seen both up close and they look similiar, but the paint job on it is horrible.
It will probably drop significantly in price. The vaders on eBay are not selling well at all at around $800(and that's without any bids). I haven't seen any that anyone has bid on yet, I believe mostly in part to the fact that everyone knows 99% of Rubies stuff is just shite.

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