99centtaco's ESB leather Ammo belt run



sorry to sound like such a noob, but are these functional belts at all?
shipping to AUS please?

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Hey TacoMan, great to see you are making these available again. Can't tell you how much I love the one I bought from you a while back.


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Just to let some know, I have done some minor updates on the belts, I am using a new nice brown oil tanned leather, and I'm using a slightly thicker white nylon thread, they are coming out great, If there isn't any more takers on the list, look for them finished in the cargo hold. They will be done but will only come in a size big enough to fit a 32-40 inch waist. They will be made slightly adjustable. I will try to post pics of the updated belts soon.


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My issue hasent been taken care of
I still havent recieved a belt
I sent you PM for a tracking number on the 27th and havent recieved a response back