2 Piece Jango Helmet Review


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Hi everybody I saw a Rubies 2 Piece Jango helmet in a Singapore shop a few days ago couldn't resist so I got it, here are some pics,
P110126001.jpg it looks better in person, although the plastic is somewhat flimsy and the visor is semi see through-able from the outside. Now I'm no mando expert but I think I spot a few mistakes, such as the arrows on the helmet being too high, and the cheeks bend outwards.
P110126002.jpgthe RF stalk has been molded the wrong wayP110126010.jpg :facepalm
P110126004.jpgAnd the key holes are to small :(
P110126005.jpgP110126012.jpgI'm not sure if the left ear is right or wrong but i think it's supposed to have a line down the middle :confused
P110126006.jpgthe RF, however, does comes down which is good (y)
P110126008.jpgThe in side has padding on the top, which is attached to some Velcro that is badly glued to the helmet, the glue quality is bad to so the Velcro fell of :angry
P110126011.jpgthis is the way the helmet is attached to each other, the ears are snapped to those round knobs, each piece of the helmet has half of those knobs. :wacko
Last but not least, the color is somewhat off.

So as you can see it has it's (y) & (n) sides to it, I think it's not that screen accurate but I think It will be great for custom mandos, and those looking for a cheaper alternative. However do be prepared to accept the flaws.



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I've been thinking of making a new RF stalk but I just don't know how

Is there like a thread about making one?


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use the Wizard Of Flight templates, Cut out a piece of acrylic or similar material following the pattern. There are other ways, but that should do it.


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Ok, printed the WOF RF templateP110129001.jpgand the base of the RF stalks are different. So would it work? Has anybody tried this before?


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Just to put this out there. I think the two piece works better if you bondo it and paint it. The 1-piece is hard to find a visor for.(You need to replace the stock one,in order for it to look good.) T-Visor.com is great for 2-piece Jango helmet visors,but the rubies visor doesn't fit the 1-piece Jango. 2-piece helmets need more work for good looks,but 1-piece helmets require more visor cutting prowess.

Anyway, I would love to do a 2-piece sometime. Good base. Great for new fellas.


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I've seen them out there but they're usually around $30-$70. I found that it was much more cost effective to build my own helmet out of thin cardboard and bondo with WoF's templates. I would have loved to have one, though... woulda saved me a lot of time and frustration...