1985 DP bucket?


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I just got a Boba helmet that says: C1985 Lucasfilm LTD. on the back. The plastic is very thick. It is real? I have not heard of a 85 DP before.


are you sure its not just a 95 that has an extra scratch that makes it look like a 85? cuz I sure haven't heard of a 85 :D
edit: show a pic of it :)


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Not all 95's were white interior, only the first run or two I think. After that they were green also. I would say that it's a 95 with a scratch. I can't really read the number very well in the picture. Either way it's a nice helmet ;)



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Great Scott!!!
Yup, that's a '95 DP with green interior just like the one I have. Yours looks like it had been repainted with battle damage and added real scratches so when painted again in the Jango scheme, it must have distorted the copyright on the back.

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Man, I loved those 1885 buckets. They were so close to being movie sized!! You can really see the shrinkage and warpage over the hundred or so years.... :lol:

Problem solved. Thread gone in 24! Danke.


Well seening as how I painted that very helmet, I can tell you it is indeed a '95. :D The copyright info was already filled somewhat and when I asked if the guy would like me to fix it, he said "Nah, just fill the dent.", so I did. So it's probably the bondo that distorts the numbers.