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    *Official* Post your web links

    My site address changed from what I have quite a ways up. Its now
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    Anyone Know what is the strongerst Glue you can buy?

    I am looking to get or atleast fina the strongest, or something close to the strongest glue that you can buy on the market. I have tested Goop, and Epoxy, and even Krazy Glue, but still I have yet to find anything that I can be happy with. I was at Trade Show one year and saw this glue that...
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    ATT: People building Helmet from Scratch

    Okay, this has been driving me nuts for a few months now, I have been wanting to start building the helmet on my own...basically i think the overall shape of the helmet looks not to hard to tackle...its just the dome part of it... What has people been using to do their own. I mean I have...
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    How does one work with Fiber Glass

    Okay, I have never attempted to do anything in fiber glass.. just I guess I'm afraid of doing it. Does or has anyone work with fiberglass before.. I mean I have seen some killer lids mad out of fiberglass.. but is that done by using a mold? If so, how are molds made...blah, blah, blah. I guess...
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    Almost done with armor

    Ohhhhhhh, how I remember those days of laying out my sintra armor. Looking good anyhow!
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    Helmet Dome Concept?

    Just been brianstorming about making my own helmet out of scratch... Think it looks like it can be done. The only question is does anyone know what the original creators might of used for the dome of the helmet??? I think that might be the hardest part on the helmet to do. So I figure if I can...
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    Is There A Line Up Shot of Helmets? To compare?

    Just wondering if someone has a good hot of say all the different examples of Lids that have been available to purchase. Like Don Post regular / Deluxe / Australian lid / Rubies / fiberglass movie size...etc. Reason I ask, is I think I might attempt to make my own lid after seeing the...
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    Custom Helmet from Sintra?

    I to am getting the urge to see what I can do with making a helmet out of scratch... I to remember a guy here making one out of metal.. and he had some old army helmet for the dome...if the guy the was making his lid with a helmet like that.. let us know what you used.. I would love to try and...
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    Flat Spray Sealer?

    There is a dulling spray that I have bought, at my local Michaels, and the only thing that I found with it, is that it wasn't really permitt, as it was some sort of dulling spray that you could rub off in areas that you wanted to have a shine still. I did find that if I sprayed a area with a...
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    Fiberglassing a Jet Pack -measurements?

    I took some line drawings of the pack off the net, and compared them to the original shots of the MOM fett.. and touched them up a bit, trying to get it to match to the real thing as possible. I then got the measurement off of some people that own the kit, and opened up Photoshop, scaled the...
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    Rotj Helmet colors in Canada

    Hello fellow Canadians eh!... I to couldn't find any colour paint to match that well that all those americans are able to find... but I finally figured that if you hit one of those folk art shops that do all those paint craft things.... well they have a million different type of colour paint on...
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    Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    Thank you ego... that helps.. I'll look into doing them that way... but hey, if there are other ideas from anyone else.. please don't wait to post.. thanks
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    Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    I'm talking about the little metal control / bar things that site on the top of the pack.. in between where the side rocket / gas chambers are and the middle rocket. I believe there is one on each side. They are both metal... the left one is bigger and taller then the right hand side one.
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    Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    ThiNg-iEs on Jet pack? Has anyone figured out what was used on the jet pack near the top...those 2 type of bars sticking out of the top near the center missle? What have all you been using to come atleast close to these two items.?
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    Have we discussed the belt pouches size difference on ESB?

    Not just the Merit Fett having the different pockets, but I have been looking at my Fett model by Screamin' the 18" one, and it to appears to have the pockets slightly different in size as well. Now I know its just a artists paint job on the cover of the box, but they have the Return of the Jedi...