ATT: People building Helmet from Scratch


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Okay, this has been driving me nuts for a few months now, I have been wanting to start building the helmet on my own...basically i think the overall shape of the helmet looks not to hard to tackle...its just the dome part of it... What has people been using to do their own.

I mean I have looked everywhere for a actual helmet that matches the shape as close as possible...but still really haven't picked up anything as nothing has been to my likings. The closet that I have seen is a batter helmet, large of course.. and if you wear it backwards, where the visor type thing is at the back of your head, it comes pretty close...I just don't want to stop there...without seeing what there is out there, especially the size needing to be big, as close to the MSH as possible.

Does anyone have like a pull or something from something that they could share with us all. thanks in advance.
One member you should seek is MegalomaniacalMandalore. MMM built his helmet using a real metal Army helmet. He just cut the dome off and used it to build a cool looking helmet. I don't know about size....but I think most of those helmets are big.
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