Anyone Know what is the strongerst Glue you can buy?


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I am looking to get or atleast fina the strongest, or something close to the strongest glue that you can buy on the market. I have tested Goop, and Epoxy, and even Krazy Glue, but still I have yet to find anything that I can be happy with.

I was at Trade Show one year and saw this glue that they were selling and demostrating to everyone, and this glue was working on anything.. it was insane... it was like it would repair or hold the pieces together like they were ment to be together you know. But I didn't buy it at the time, I didn't need it...and if I can remember the name of it, that would be great..but nooooo.

This is prop related, as I would like to use the glue on my fett parts, but mostly I need this glue to repair my Oakley Frames, and Krazy glue just won't work.....I guess the plastic just doesn't want to hold.

Anyway, could someone out there that has been around glues let me know of anything they used and are happy with...or links or names of stuff so I can check it out.

Thanks in advance.
If it's to bond plastic , I like to use "Plastic Welder" . You can find it with the other glues in any Wal*Mart hardware department . It's a 2 part epoxy like resin that comes in a black , double barreled syringe ... It's toxic , flammable , and it's vapor will instantly turn your lungs to a sticky goo ... I swear by it !!!
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man, there is a costume & craft store by my house, and I swear by this glue called E6000, it works amazing for soft parts of the suit, or for the hose connectors, cuz it has a good elasticity(kind of flexes). But for hard parts of the suit(gauntlets, etc..) I use that two part JB Weld. I think they just came out with a quick dry too, because the older stuff takes a while to dry(hours). Well thats my 2 cents, hope it helps!

sithlord23 wrote:

I use that two part JB Weld. I think they just came out with a quick dry too, because the older stuff takes a while to dry(hours). Well thats my 2 cents, hope it helps!

It's called "JB Kwik", for what it's worth. :)

Some WalMarts carry it on the same aisle with the engine additives, STP, Fireball, etc. Why, I don't know. ;)

It sets solid in 4 minutes, less if you use more than the recommended amount of hardener. ;)
Yeah, I swear by E6000 it rocks, takes awhile, but way better than some most glues. JB weld for the harder pieces/metallic stuffs. But E6000 is great for leather too. It may not be THE strongest, but is way up there on my list of better glues to use aside from some types of 2 part epoxy.
:lol: Zam, I didn't know if anyone else knew about the E6000! That is the glue I use for everything, it works so good! and is fast drying. I used it alot for velcro on the back of my armor, and velcro on some suits parts, it has some elasticity to it. Everything else is JB Weld, and the new quik weld that is out totally rocks! Best glues out there
Yeppers! It's the coolest stuff. I mean, forget all those hot glue guns, that stuff never works.(Well maybe for quik fixes) But, e6000 rocks, cept you have to let it cure properly.
...and this whole time I thought Super-Glue was the strongest.

Man, those commercials seemed so real with the guy gluing
his hard-hat to the I-beam and instantly sticking.

Those crafty advertisers had me going this whole time.

(I feel slightly cheated here)



and 2 part epoxy compound will hold pretty much anything you want it too. including mother-in-laws to the underside of a plane thought i don't know of a plane big enough to carry mine
Man, those commercials seemed so real with the guy gluing
his hard-hat to the I-beam and instantly sticking.

And I thought I was the only one thinking about that when I entered this thread... :)
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that 3m hot glue gun sounds sweet , but for 115 bucks PLUS glue (like another 12 bucks) it better hold my house to my helmet! cuz that **** would be funny.. your helmet... on an I beam or something... and the house hanging from it.... ok its 3am shut up i couldnt think of anything, but dang that things expensive, I for one WILL NOT be testing it. no bounties lately, no money.
Industrial strength glue guns are nice but without heat, Gorrilla glue without a dought is the strongest cold sure compound in the world. IT foams a little buts it very very strong
The key here is that the best glue depends on the materials you are glueing. So you really need several glues. E6000 is great for softparts, or attaching velcro to a hard surface. Barge is used for the same purpose. It's harder to get hold of , but it make E6000 look like pancake batter (Ace sells it, but I don't think Lowe's does).

Plastic is always tricky. The plastic welder works great on most hard plastics. Not so well on the softer stuff like the DP helmets tho. Probond polyurethane glue seems to work well on these tho.

What about gluing magnets onto sintra armor? What glue would be the best for that?
(I hope I don't steal your thread mykull, just thought it to be more effective to ask here than to start a whole new thread for a similar question)
score the back of the sintra up with a knive and glue the magnet on the back with 5 minute epoxy coat the glue over the top of the magnets to it wont hurt it, make absolute sure you dont glue a magnet backwards or it will be polar opposites and wont attract.
I've found that the two-part JB Weld works quite well. Also, I do suggest the strongest Loctite Super Glue you can buy. That stuff works great on anything.

BTW - Don't get it on Nylon, it will cause a chemical reaction. Good for effects, bad for the breathing.
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