Helmet Dome Concept?


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Just been brianstorming about making my own helmet out of scratch... Think it looks like it can be done. The only question is does anyone know what the original creators might of used for the dome of the helmet??? I think that might be the hardest part on the helmet to do. So I figure if I can figure out, or have someone let me know as well as others what they think was used for the dome (other helmet / war / motorcycle?) that would be great!.

I'm not exactly shure what the heck the real bucket was modeled after, but MMM made his based on a real WWII GI helmet. It looks pretty dang close to me! He posted a pic some time ago of his bucket next to a DP deluxe, & it was amazingly close in both shape & size. He'll maybe chime in & fill ya in on what he did. :)
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Yup, when I was going over the ref pics in the planning stages of my helmet, I was convinced that I had seen that shape before. Then it hit me; a GI steelpot helmet.

It's well known that the SW prop and costume departments used alot of surplus military junk. If they didn't exactly use a helmet itself, I would think it would be a fair assumption that a helmet was used as a master to pull a crown from.

Just my two cents, but if you look through the helmet archives, you'll see some of my posts, pics, and links to my helmet building odyssey.

Good luck.
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