Zam Wesell at Star Wars Weekends


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Does anybody know who made the Zam Wesell costume for Disney's Star Wars Weekends? I drooled all over myself on that one because it was so close to perfect and was hoping to be able to get in touch with the creator...

just starting on yet ANOTHER Star Wars chick costume that no one will recognize.

Iceheart wrote:

just starting on yet ANOTHER Star Wars chick costume that no one will recognize.

Actually, people will recognize ya, I had several people recognize me at several parades that I went to in my costume, and it was really awesome. Some didn't, and my line is always "In aotc, my character tried to kill the senator, remember? the changling? Then I get a "OH YEH!" ;)
Another rule of thumb about doing the more-obscure Star Wars characters:

Some SW costumes are visually stunning enough to still look cool, even when not recognized- Zam is one of those! I learned this doing the costume for Disney. Zam and Aurra Sing weren't recognized by a lot of people, but they were still a big hit because they had a lot of presence.

:zam I think the hardest part about Star Wars Weekends is that it's absolutely impossible to talk.... for one, the music is too loud and for two....the darn veil gets in the way!
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