X-Wing Pilot Helmet, now with Kid's Pink TK!


So, this year for Christmas for my kids, I decided to build them each a Star Wars helmet. My oldest is getting an ESB Boba helmet (so I can practice my painting skills) which you can see here: MMcFett's first paintup - ESB style
My daughter is getting a WTF pink TK kit and my youngest is getting an X-wing helmet.
I bought a small helmet kit from Darth Hair (DHP/FX) on Etsy
Put the two halves together and did the mohawk strip

Next I painted the mohawk Insignia Red, which I'm using in the Boba build and have on hand :)

I added a green zinc chromate stripe down the middle of the mohawk:

I painted behind the "ears" a gray color:

The mohawk tip is painted a hazard style, but had to be redone after this picture: Note: do weathering with black ACRYLIC paint so the thinner does not eat your paint job and you have to start over!

So I stuck that piece on the mohawk to see how it would all look together. I also painted by the mouth the same green as the stripe:

I was please with the color combinations, so after cleanup I applied the pin striping supplied by Darth Hair. He gives quite a lot and I'm really pleased with this kit!

I had more pin striping than I thought, so I added more!

Now time for the decals! (Which are also provided)

Then finally, the weathering and visor install:

This has been a really fun and really good kit to work with so far. I still need to add the chin straps and the interior padding and the rubber seal around the edge and I'll be done. I'm not putting in the mic tip, because my toddler will break it off.
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It's such a nice kit. I can't wait to make one for myself.

So I had time to work on this yesterday and got the chin strap in.

Then I glued in the top helmet liner. This thing is really nice!

Then glued in the ear padding.

Next I put the black rubber lining around the edge.

And finally the chin cup.

Ta da! I think it's finished! I'm really happy with the way it came out. It feels nice and sturdy to hold, a really well made kit.
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So, as the change in title indicates, I'm starting my TK helmet build! Yesterday was BBB day from WTF. All I've done so far is open it to make sure I've got all the parts and started watching some assembly videos. I'm excited to try this out. Just finished my first X-wing pilot helmet build and am about to start my first TK helmet build!View media item 8773
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