Would this be a good start point?

Mr Fett

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For just a few dollars more, you could get a much better helmet from sgt.fang here on The Dented Helmet.


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Agreed. A Sgt. Fang helmet would give you a much better starting point. IMO, a Rubies would require waaaaaaay too much work.


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Ya, great helmet...for practice,but in the end you'll just sell it to buy a Sgt helmet. why bother... buy a Sgt MH, great price as well.:)


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What they said :) For about $30 more, you can get an SgtFang Mystery Helmet, which is a high quality resin and will hold its shape much better than a Rubies vinyl bucket would. It would also be easier to paint.



I agree with everybody else, I have a SgtFang, and it is Schweet. I am going to start trimming hopefully this weekend. The rubies is a great practice, but dont buy it dude lol