Would the real back armor please stand up?

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Hi guys,
I started out making my first set of armor a few months ago and the template I used for the back armor was the one from the Mandalorian Blueprints. Here are some examples:



Inspired by artists like Mirax and Seeker and the advice of Obi Sean Kenobi, I decided to create my own back armor templates. I used the 12" Jango figure as a basic guideline.



Can someone give any insight into these two different designs? The first one is very common on Ebay but doesn't seem anywhere near as accurate.
Well, the second one is the style that Jango has and is correct. I have been trying to think of ways to make the template for that one for a while now. That's the style that I really wanted to make. Would you be willing to share your template:D
Freeware baby. I need to convert them to PDF files first and then I'll email them to whoever wants them. I really got lucky - this was my first attempt and the back plate came out really well. I couldn't have done it without the heat gun though for sure.

BTW, I have the template broken into 6 files so it can be printed off on 8.5" x 11" paper.
looks pretty good and comfortable to me
ill try to make the first one but the template was to small so i make my custom, but its very square :lol: i like to make a new set and yours template are best than the "mandalorian blueprints"

good Job

I really like the third one. where's that from? not sure who's armor is the first two pics but they are totally off.
hehe all of those armor pieces are mine. I'm trying to focus on some screen accuracy with the new armor - you know, take a little pride in my work.

Glad you all like the new back armor.
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