WIP Westar... finish of ShockWave cast


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I have a set of Westars from Shockwave that I agreed to finish and pass on to a needy Jango Fett. I will document the work in this thread along with a critique.

First.... the casts look good. They are a one piece cast so that makes some of the finish work a bit tougher, there are some tight corners on the Westar. There were some minor blemishes and pin holes in the cast but nothing more than I have seen on many other products. One of the cast were broken at the back. I repaired the break with a dowel. I drilled both sides and then glued the piece back on with the reinforcement.

They are now drying from the first layer of primer. There will be some more prep work before they are ready for silver paint and R+B.

Pics will follow.............


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Well as usual I am horrible with taking pics. And I have been slow as molasses at this project. After some clean up work and primer I added silver paint. I am going to sand it down and then R+B the barrel. Here is a pic.


These will be passed on to a Jango in Europe who has had tough time getting his hands on some.

I would recommend these to any Jango Fett as a trooping set of westars. They look good and will be great for trooping.

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These are not finished yet btw.......still a few steps left to go.