WIP: My ROTJ Costume


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Alright, I guess I'm far enough along to start a WIP thread of my costume.

This will just be a place for me to stash pics of my progress, and for me to keep track of where I'm at.
Lots of parts to acquire, and lots of work to be done, but it's coming along nicely.

Comments/Critiques are more than welcome, I rather EXPECT someone to call it out if it's not working.

The suit is comprised of:

: Asok CC (painted by me)
Armor: FettPride V3 (painted by me/deadland)
Neck, Vest, Belt Pouches: BatNinja
Flight Suit: Arkady
Spats: swprops
Girth Belt: Dover Sadlery (painted by me)
Boots: Man of War 2013 (dyed, sprayed by me)
Spikes: Mojo Fett (awaiting delivery)
Gloves: No idea of the manufacturer, but they're NICE
Cape: Taken from a Don Post full-size statue
Rifle: Master Replicas
Ammo Belt: happily sold the 99centtaco, happily UPgraded to BBF
Studs: Saint_nasty

Yet to be acquired:

Jet Pack (fettseven - any dam day now)
Shin Tools
Lots and lots of greeblies

Weekend Progress:


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Thanks, Raf. Of course, your templates are the main source of information for the damage.

Weathered chest decal will be added in a day or two, plus a HEAVY dose of black/charcoal splatter marks on the chest armor. Then clear coat. I want this armor looking THRASHED.

Shoulders and knees to be completed this week. I've sat on my *** for far too long. Progress at this point should be fairly rapid from here on out.


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Dam dude that is looking killer with that yellow down you did a great job and i cannot wait to check it out. We should be able to knock the shoulder this weekend and we will get that chest decal in place and weathered!!!!
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That is coming along VERY nicely! Do you have any pics of the other stuff? I KNOW you've got a sweet-azz camera so throw 'em up! I'm interested to see that DP cape too!

In regards to the MoW boots, are those from the previous generation? Are the Mojo spikes coming in the ones for the NEW boots? If so are you just going to make a new bracket for them?


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bh19812, I believe the light green used was Testors Grun RLM 62.

Thanks for the question!


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You guys with these great posts are motivating and helping me bring my dream to life it’s so helpful. I have a build thread too but its more of a vlog.