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Ok, it took me a while because the shop failed to send a correct color and i had to wait 2 weeks for the exchange delivey. And of course they sent a wrong again color... It started to become a never ending story... Especially because it was the base layer color and i couldn't start...

But in the end I managed to start the paintjob. I printed Rafals stencils for the backplates and of course they didn't fit because the dimensions of the galactic supplies helmet are not very accurate. But as I mentioned before this helmet will be more like a training object because I never used an airbrush before and the next one will definatly be more accurate helmet!

I started transfering the outlines of the silver damage to the base layer color which is Silver 11. I used a rattle can for the base layer (the one that couldn't be delivered in time :devil:) and continued with Grey 106. Getting the right consistency for the color was tough the first time (and kind of messy) but I'm getting better. I'm trying to stick to the YouTube guide by welshwarrior123 I'm not 100 percent satisfied with the result but I'll keep going on and keep learning by doing.

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After some time I'm almost done. I didn't took many photos during the process but here is the current status of the bucket. I'm mostly satisfied how it turned out. As I said before the stencils didn't really fit the helmet so it's more a freestyle paintjob and in general it's a training objekt for me. Some (or some more :mad:) parts have to be worked over because the color got ripped of while removing the masking fluid. I guess it's because I put the fluid on the color while it still wasn't dried completely.

I'm getting myself a propper airbrush pistol and a compressor now! The Revell Airbrush Starter Kit is a real pain in the a** :rolleyes: You can adjust the amount of paint coming out of the airbrush by turning a small nozzle. But it is so sensitive that it turns from no color at all to spilling the color all over the place within a millimeter. And especially cleaning the glass cans is terrible.

Yes, I learned a lot during the last weeks and that's a good thing. That's it folks, next will be the killstripes and the ears.

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Well... I've "finished" this one. Some details are still missing and the paintjob is not screenacurate. I have to confess that I'm not that good in prop making as I wish I would be, But it's the first time I've tried building a prop and nevertheless I'm quite happy with the result. Especially with the color fade of the killstripes. My wife (since last friday) said that we'll take some pictures with the bucket on our wedding if I manage to finish it in time. That was the perfect incentive as you can see! Now I'll try something more easier after this one and maybe I'll give it another try next year!

I put a smiley over her face otherwise she would rip of my head! :-D
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