Why Do Jet Pack's Cost So Much?



Why Do Jetpack's Cost So Much?

Maybe this is a dumb question, but why does it cost upwards of $300 for a vacuuformed jet pack or kit? I mean, it takes lots of effort to make the original mold, but once that's done, it isn't a very hard process. It's just frustrating because lots of people get stumped once it comes to this step and the prices are just insane sometimes...maybe I'm just b*tching.
To make A mold costs x amount of dollars.Now your not going to make your money back on three or four kits.Plus the risk of L.F.L. floating around.The cash has to equal the risk.If the cash ins't there than there is really no point in makeing one right?Then we get to the time it takes to pour the mold,Pull it and so fourth.If you get A bad pull,That adds up.Then you still have the cost of material.So beleive it or not,I don't think $300.00 is to god awfull.I think just about everyone charges about three hundred.If you find one cheaper than that I would be very nervous about buying that one.
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ditto what SP said.

It doesn't seem like much work, but it starts to eat away at your 'me' time. It needs to be worth it for you to let your personal time be taken up, taking away from projects, family, etc...

Also it's one of the most difficult pieces of the costume to reproduce. That makes demand go up.

And in the end, they are so expensive because we continually pay those prices.

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What other choice do we have?You could pay less and risk it not looking right.(then all the other fetts would laugh at you)Or say hey you should go here and pay $300 bucks.
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Why does that pair of Nike's cost so much? Because somebody would pay that price. Why did they pay that price? They wanted to brag that they got them.
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I agree that hard work should pay off with paying top dollar... but I to think $300 is kind of high.... but then again... it ain't really just $300 bucks for us Canadians... I went today and got a money order for something I won off ebay... which was $10.99... cost me frigin' $22. and some.. Thank god my wife has a free money order package with the bank.. or I would be screwed....lol.. So yah $300 for us canadians would be close to $500. plus... so when you think of that.. the price is kind of high... to high.. thats why I'm making my own... and I guess will be proud that I did it own my own I guess.

Anyone one out there making jet packs for cheaper for us Canadians??? PM me!
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Yea, it is all relative. $300 might be expensive to someone who doesn't mind putting in many many hours making their own but to someone else, they might think the it is well worth $300 to save a lot of time. It all boils down to how much time and effort you are willing to put into the pack and how much of a perfectionist you are. You can also consider what your time is worth. Lets say you make $20/hr, it would take 15 hours to even out. I would say that most people who make their own packs spend 50 + hours on their pack. That would make the $300 come out to about $6.00 an hour. Just something to chew on.
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Im not talking a finished pack, Im talking the bare skeleton. But yes I suppose. Ok, I was just bitching, thanks for understanding :D
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I guess I didn't take into consideration that most kits do require a lot of work even after you get them. I do think the R&D to make a dead on accurate pack would take a long time. Good luck if you scratch build one, I will probably end up scratch building a stubby pack just to say I did it. I also feel you pain on the cost of a kit though.
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i would estimate a 2' x 5' sheet would finish a pack.

keep in mind a lot of the details like the thrusters and rocket are resin also. resin is much more expensive than abs or styrene.
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If the bubbles are to bad,OOOPPPSSS Got to start over.I know some people are very good at workig with resin.But hey sh#t happens.It all works out in the total cost and profit.Again,If your not makeing money at it.Then it's just A hobby.A hobby is good,Don't get me wrong.But if your not getting paid.Then it becomes A favor.How any people can you do
favors for?
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Basic Economics Fallacy- Cost Markup = Price

Cost is not determined by adding the cost and markup. It's determined by what the market will bear. The cost of your Nike's isn't much, but you'll pay $100 for them.

I know several large props dealers, and have my own experience at this stuff, and I know that the materials involved do not come anywhere close to justifying the cost of these items. The labor involved in casting something in resin or pulling a vacuformed piece is really not much. SOME people do use industrial equipment for large pieces such as for trooper armor, and that adds to cost.

Think about it, if you're a prop dealer, and you have a waiting list that's months long, are you going to keep your prices really low? You may as well charge more for each piece and just make fewer of them. The same amount of pay for less work = good (if you're the dealer).
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300?......I spent 600 ;) and LOVE it.It's the best part of my costume.Well at least as good as the helmet ;)

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they are too much for me.thats why im scratchbuilding mine.even if its not pefect/accurate doesnt matter, i would have spent the lowly sum of 30-40 bucks when im done.300-600?i think thats outragegeous for a kit that needs to be assembled and painted.in addition to that you have to find some kind of a harness...WHOA!!!i guess if i had that kind of money to toss around and no time to build one im sure money wouldnt be an isuue.im not rich,its winter,and i have plenty of time...LOL!!!

...besides im sure it will improve my hobby skills (which are needed).
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So . . which one of us Canadians is good enough at this stuff to start making kits at an affordable rate for us?

Allow me to start by saying . . . I suck! hahaha

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Boba Freekk.
If you can get by,with makeing your own.Do it.Good luck.Later
down the road you can always upgrade.What
I did for A harness.Go buy some 1.5 to 2 inch nylon straps.The tie down kind are perfect.Buy A $10.00 rivet gun.
Make your own.You can make it addjustable.With A rivet gun and
A sewing machine.Your good to go.If you get lucky.When you
buy the nylon straps they'll have the connectors.(black snap
connectors)Use those as well.My harnss has the female ends mounted to them.Leave straps on the top of your jet pack.
Mount the male ends there.So inessance your feeding the straps from your jet pack thru Your backplate and vest.Attach them to the female alreay mounted to your harness.As for the bottom of your jet pack.Two straps attached to the jet pack.Left side female right side male.
Same as before Feed thru the backplate and vest.Instead of attaching to your harness.Attach them to each other.This is very stable.I can jump up and down.My pack does not move.This all makes since in my world.I hope you can follow this and it helps.good Luck
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