Who\'s got RA jumpsuit?


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Who's got RA jumpsuit?

:::UPDATE 26th SEPT 2003:::
well ive decided to order a RA jumpsuit and have placed the order, ive recently got the ammo belt from them and was impressed.

Once i get it ill so pics and give it a review but from what ive seen so far I they look good.


has anyone got a RA jumpsuit recently and if so have you got any pics as im thinking of getting one to finish my costume.



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Hey Neil,

I've got one of RA's jumpsuits, and I'm very happy with it. Darn good attention to detail. I supplied the material, my measurements, etc. and got a excellent jumpsuit.

I'm very happy with the fit and overall look of it. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Don't have any pics though, sorry!

take care,

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I`ve got one as well. The only thing I requested was the color and he did the rest. Its great!!!!!! Let me see if I can snap a pic or two in the next day or so.
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I just recieved mine from RA on Monday this week, and Im very happy with it. The crotch was a bit tight( cough ), and had to adjust it, but other than that its a complete work of art.
if you do order one from him, make sure you have ALL your measurements down. he has a list of measurements youll need, just ask him.
RA did ALL my Fett goodies, and I hope to have some pics to share once I weather the JS a bit
many props to RA and his staff

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Hi there,

who is ra, how can i contact him about a jumpsuit and how much is it?
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o.k o.k.,

I got it, i got it.
before you kill me for my ignorance i have to say its very early where i came from.

Sometimes its hard to think with only 3 hours of sleep.

Ra stands for ... yes of course!
But please tell me, what the f... means tdh? :))
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Fett2210 wrote:

But please tell me, what the f... means tdh? :))

I assume your joking asking that..... but, TDH= "The Dented Helmet" the name of the forum we/you are on.

I've got a RA jumpsuit made from two work suits that I sent him, it came out really nice, I just had to have the thigh pouchs repositioned to look better with the armor.

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