Who makes the best jetPack?

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I just want to clairify on RA's new fg pack weight, it is NOT, repeat NOT in NO WAY 30 lbs!!
At least I know mine isn't, I have it and it only weights about 15 lbs.....
Has RA changed his pack at all in the past year? I was under the impression that the Fett jet packs underwent a few changes to make them more durable about a year ago (or so). Something about solid rockets, etc. It could have been pure rumor or just future plans, though.
I just got mine this past Dec. My rocket section is resin cast around a chromed pipe and is quit solid and durable.
My fiberglass GA pack's rocket is solid resen & is reinforced with a 1/2" x 3/4" piece of wood running though the length of it.
I am almost positive that previous versions of most jet packs that were available from online sources were made with a hollow rocket. I don't know about each individual source's jet packs, but I saw a few stories about rockets getting broken in doorways or other accidents. It must be that the packs (at least RA's) are at MOST 15 pounds. Previous versions might possibly be lighter.
Thanks Lynn

The JP comes in around 12-15 lbs. Its not at all uncomfortable.

Ill get you some pics asap.



30 Lbs?? I assembled the thing and I know I never added any additional wt!!!
Thanks for clarifying that, Richie. I didn't think it weighed that much. I was beginning to think it was SOLID fiberglass :lol: .
Hello everyone !
Just joined up! I'm currently in the process of asembling my Boba Outfit, & I have Every major component I need....except the Jet pack!!!!!!
Who makes the best jetPack? & what is the price range for these suckers!?!?!?
I know everyone's cautious with "newbies"
So...here's some info on me !
I usually deal on ebay, user id( jarod78) & my wife & I sell mostly Star Wars props & Icons stuff
I live in L.A. & have bought most of my Costume "Props" from Dale @ GT.
So, I've got most of my fett stuuf ready, Just asking for a bit of help!
-Thanks again
Thanks for that! I actually did take a look @ the GA Fiberglass kit! It's pretty cool!
But how heavy is it??
RA's pack is 'bout 30 pounds, a real heavy weight contender:] You are right Lynn...not quite a back braker but ya sure feel it when ya put it on.
Thirty pounds? Are you serious? You mean three - zero? Is it made of fiberglass or lead? The fiberglass GA jet pack is just under TEN pounds. Is yours filled with jet fuel or something?
I've heard more than a couple of complaints about lighter fiberglass and vacuumformerd jet packs breaking during wear from either rough fans or low doors. I would feel especially bitter if I'd paid a lot of money for something and it broke.

I forget which armorer it was, but I remember one of them talking about how he'd changed the rocket into something solid cast because it could get broken too easily the other way.

Still, I'd have a hard enough time carrying 10 pounds for 8 hours, let alone 30. Talk about a workout.
I agree with lisa.... i think all the fett parts (armor, jet pack) should be strong and make from thick material (expesially the jet pack) so it sounds like RA's is more durable... anybody wanna comment on this?
The "best" is always a source of debate,...I have my opinions that I will discretely keep to myself.

However any KIT you get will run you 200-600 unfinished.They range in materials from styrene,ABS,fiberglass.Fiberglass being the most expensive.I am upgrading my personal ABS jet pack to a fiberglass one,and am offering it up for sale once I put the final coat of primer on it (not painted).I am including in the sale a HARNESS,which usually gives folks a harder time than finding the actual jet pack.I am also including a set of resin shin tools.

I have over 300.00 in just the materials alone.I am looking to get 250.00 for the lot.PM me if you,or anyone else is interested.I'm going to post a For Sale thread once the final coat of primer is done,and from there I guess I'll ebay it.

Good news! Mesaback and I will both be at Celebration II. MB has a Richie's FG pack and I have a GA FG pack. Although his is ESB and mine is ROTJ, we will do a side-by-side comparison of the two. The judge will be you, the TDH forum. Dustin Crops Boy will be there too, so we know we will have at least one impartial judge. I by no means think mine is the best (heck, I'm still waiting on it to arrive!), but we can see what we liked best (and worst) about each of them. This is open to anybody with a jet pack; fiberglass, vacuuformed, or home-made. I'm am just curious why Richie's pack is twenty pounds heavier than GA's if both are made of the same material. Does yours really fly, Mesaback?
Now wait, I didn't say I'd rather have the heavy one. :) Just that if I paid hundreds of dollars for something, it darn well better not break. (At least beyond repair).

I prefer my 3 pounder. Not only does it not give me a backache, since there's no harness I can unstick it if I have to pee. Also, it won't break, it just very rarely "dings", and that's easy to camoflauge as another dent or just repair it.

(edit) Oh yeah, and I could make six of them without spending $200, and it takes less time than putting together a kit.
If I remember correctly, your three pound pack is made of foam or a similar product. If this is the case, then you proved that something doesn't have to be heavy to be strong or durable.
Most people hear "paper mache" and think it will be really flimsy and break. It's just not the case. If you use at least a few layers of strong paper, it becomes pretty hard.
Quote:Mesaback and I will both be at Celebration II. MB has a Richie's FG pack and I have a GA FG pack. Although his is ESB and mine is ROTJ, we will do a side-by-side comparison of the two. The judge will be you, the TDH forum. Dustin Crops Boy will be there too, so we know we will have at least one impartial judge.
Do you know which day you might begin this judging? I might only be able to attend one day of the next Celebration, so I need to know for which day to shoot because I wanna hook up with everyone. Sorry for the OT post... I can continue this with PMs... But to make it on topic, I can bring a few of my pics and be another on site, um, "judge." :)
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