Who makes completed gauntlets?

What I mean by completed gauntlets is those that don't show up in kit form. They are already built but unpainted or painted.

I need ROTJ's and I know that MoW made completed gauntlets, you just needed to paint them, but is currently busy on his new Jango casts so I'll let him be. FP is just now coming back so he is pretty busy with whatever he needs to do. I know that Ruffkin makes a mean ROTJ kit but I just don't have the time to clean up and get all the neccessary parts to put his gauntlets together, but I can paint. So who has accurate ROTJ gauntlets that are put together, either painted or unpainted?
I am just about finished with my Ruffkin gauntlets. I did find it easier to paint the pieces and then but them together. There is really not a lot of clean up to do, mainly the resin parts a little but that its. His kits are very clean.
Dude, Ruffkins are SUPER easy and quick to build! I actually took me longer to paint them! He sends them pretty clean and ready to put together.
I was contacted off list by FPArtist and Ruffkin is selling completed gauntlets through him for a pretty good price, and now he is making them out of fiberglass, or so FPA's sight says, but I believe him. Ruffkin's kits do look outstanding when all put together. I would probably replace the flame nozzels with the UHF connectors cuz metal parts always look more real.

I was just worried because I had read a few threads back about "who makes the best gauntlets" that ruffkins were great but took a lot of work to finish.
Desert_Beagle said:
Are you serious? Those look great! Why would you sell em'? If you are serious pm some info. :)

I enjoy doing this type of thing. Sitting down and painting is a very relaxing thing for me. I enjoy the progression of stuff like this too. PM sent.
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