Who makes a good ROTJ EE-3?


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Just as the title says,,,,,, not looking to buy it right away b/c of events today sucked me dry. But im looking for some one that makes them, so far all I have is SFP but I know there are more out there. This is the last part to my fett that I need so please help me out!!!!


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I found myn fairly easy to make using wizard of light's templates.

I used wrong material that cracked at one point... but... it looked ok.

was quit rewarding to do :)
postmortem01 said:
In a few weeks, I will have the rubber ROTJ EE-3 project completed.

Are the EE-3's still available ?? and if so how much and will you ship to the UK ?

Any info would be greatfully received.




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You can PM him, he's a member here. Also please note he's very busy so sometimes it takes alittle bit for him to get back to ya but his stuff is top notch and well worth the wait.