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Hey everyone. I have a Rubiles helmet. (I know it's not a good company and I didn't know that at the time I ordered it. I'm still going to keep it cuz the Southern Outpost says they'll accept it as long as it looks good. I need to repaint it a little and put in a new visor. 3 questions.

1.) Which tool should I use to cut out the current t-visor?

2.) Which tool should I use to cut the new T shape for the visor whne I buy a face shield?

3.) Where would I get the tools from?

Thx guys.
ok, It so happens my granddad has a dremel. I couldn't use a special kind of scissors or anything? I just don't want to ruin the visor
InfraFett said:
I meant no offense. My apologies if you thought I was being rude.

I was just messing:cheers

No stress,,,, ;)

Remember when you use the C4 it likes heat and pressure, so light it on fire and hit it with a hammer. Ok dont do that:lol:
Heh heh, it almost sounds like a Black Smith. I'm going to look for the face shield sometime. I will use the tape to cover the plastic, just to be sure. ;)
Hey everyone. another question: Should I be creative and make the visor Dark Green with mix of black or just plain black? I made a picture of the Dark Green lens version. Mind that it's a rubies helmet and I'll repaint it sometime soon. Just look at the lens

Ok, I'm 98% sure I'm going to be doing this. I got the money and I just need to cut out the visor and be REALLY careful then go out and buy a face shield
:D do what i did stuff the helm full of dynomite and pray that it only blows out the visor also i would like to encorage you to use the C4 idea just make sure to post pics of the end result i am sure we all could use a good laugh.
I bought the face shield a few days ago and I cut it today. it's not exactly perfect. I plan on hiding the small dents in it though. I just need to tint it now. I'm going to make it Black.
Did you buy a clear face sheild and are painting it black????

Why didn't you just get a dark green welding face shield that looks like black on the outside that everyone here uses?

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