Which is the MOST accurate ???


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Hi guys,

I´m planning to start a new project and Boba has been the lucky guy.
I guess this must be asked many many many times before, but please, let me ask you "again ?" ... I would like to know the experts opinions and advises... please.

I´m looking for the MOST ACCURATE as possible. (ESB style), so here we go, which one do you think is the most accurate ?:

* Armor: FP armor vs. Bobamaker...??? (maybe a MS armor... but not released yet)
* Gaunlets: FP vs. Man Of War ???
* Jet Pack: FP vs. Bobamaker vs. MLC ???

And last, and I know this is not the correct section:

* Helmet: MSH2 vs. MS3 (should I also say BM ??)

Well, I would really LOVE to hear what do you think about this... and if possible, why do you think one is better or more accurate then the others ???

Thank you soooo much for your help.
armor-FP i just love my FP armor theres just somthing about BMs that just seams to bother me.
Gauntlets-FP his gauntlets are just... just.. what can i say. they are freeking awsome.
JP- Fp doesnt make a jet pack yet so ima have to vote BM right now. BM's JP looks almost prefect.
Helmet. Both Marrow Suns & FP's helmet are superb. if i did have the chance to get a MSH2 i would take that over the MS3. but youll have better luck finding the Holy grail than getting a MSH2. A MS3 is my next choice after a MSH2 though. Marrowsun has done a superb job on that helmet.
FP has had some medical issues as of the last couple months. I advise giving him his space & leting him get back on his feet before you go trying to get ahold of any of him for peices. your best luck if you still want the peices is to make a thread in the cargo hold to see if anyone is selling any of his items.
i hope that helped. :D
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I think ruffing does the best gauntlets.

BM armor is the best I think. never bought a jet pack from anyone yet, but I hear MLC is the best in that category.

It is really your own opinion on whose is the best.
FP's armor and gauntlets are the best, ruffkin makes a very nice set of gauntlets and are a little cheaper but FP's fiberglass can't be beat. As for Jet Pack MLC's new version is probally the best. At least till someone else comes out with his new one...
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