Wherefore art thou dent?

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I'm sure that this has been argued before but since I'm new and can't find a related post I'll ask anyway.

Where did Boba get the dent in his helm?

In Episode 2, I could swear that Jango is dentless until midway in his battle versus Obi Wan. By the end, he definitely has a nice sized dent in his helmet. It seemes to be more oblong and more like a crease than a pit from a laser blast. Is Jango's helmet the same that Boba uses?

If not, does this have something to do with Jaster Mereel?

Boba Fett is still %$@#%$^ next to Jodo Kast but I thought I'd ask for curiosity's sake. hehe

secol FETT

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Boba Fights with Vader, our hero shoot with his blaster(if im not wrong) and vader stops the laser with his saber, and returned to Boba's head(helmet) and voila dent done ;)

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Yeah, but just leave it to George Lucas to mess with the story just for kicks. Jaster Mereel = Boba fett then not?

I would bet that GL pulls another fast one on Fett fans with Episode 3.

Here's a spoiler - Boba Fett = Jango's clone = Jodo Kast's towel boy.

See how the logic flows? hehehehehehe