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Hello to all, i recently got screwed over by a guy in England, whose name I'll keep quiet for now, but he wanted 300.00 for all the Fett Armor pieces, Now that I just got my money back from Paypal, I would like everyone's opinion on where to go to get my Fett Armor. So far I'm leaning towards RA, but any input by you guys would be appreciated
thanks Jay
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I got mine from eBay and it suits me fine (I am picky ;))
But RA would always be my 1st. choice. I say go to RA :D
Sorry to hear about your Misfortunes.
Unfortunatly, this hobby has some BAD SEEDS.
I too have been taken. But not since joining TDH :D
I think it depends on what type of material your wanting it made from, and what you want to spend.
RA's armor is GREAT though. :)
But so are others. I bought mine from MB. I like it.
I think you should contact some of the makers and just ask them questions and request pictures. Then choose the one that you think is right for your costume.
There are alot of TALENTED people on this forum.
I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. :)
Hope this Helps
I'm hoping the MLC fg armour will as good as anticipated, i've not seen it yet but i've got a full set on order so fingers crossed.
Thers a sign up thread and pics somewhere on this board which should answer all youre Q's.

BTW were not all scoundrels in England old chap :D

I would definately check out the MLC armor. There is a thread for it here. It looks fantastic in the pics. I have his jet pack and I can tell you his work is first hand. I plan on eventually upgrading to his armor, but first I want the MLC bucket something fierce.

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