Where to get Belt Leather.


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Where did you get your leather for your belt (not the pouches)?
I think tandyleather is my only resource but I am unsure of what to get. I'm thinking even some thick sheets and cutting them into strips for multiple belts. How wide is the belt exactly?

Edit: this should be in the Boba forum as it is for the Boba belt.

Tyler Durden

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I don't believe that the original belt pouches or possibly most of the belts were leather. I am definitely leaning toward them being some sort of vinyl.


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I thought the originals where white patent leather? I just assumed they were leather, I guess.

I got my belt from Home Depot. I think it's 3.5 inches wide, but I'm not sure. I had to dye it darker. For pouch leather, I found a disgusting old full length leather coat at the thrift shop for really cheap. Coat leather is thin, so it has to be formed around base, making the pouches non-functioning. But, it was cheap. If you want to pay more, order leather from Tandy or get it at a local leather shop, then you can get thicker leather, and get some leather tools to work it with. The thin stuff you can sew on a sewing machine, and glue parts of it with leather weld.

I used the belt off of the thrift-shop leather coat to make the leather straps in back of the horse girth.