Where to find thick Ammo Pouches?

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Does anyone know of any online retailers that sell something similar to Boba or Jango's ammo pouches? I dont want to buy home made ones because all of them I see are really thin, and they look like they're supposed to be pretty thick to me.
I just need 7 pouches. Do you know if he offers them without the belt? Yeah the Prop Palace Boba belt has pouches that look to be twice as thick as the Jango ones they also make. I might go that way, I suppose $90 isnt that bad.
you might want to email him.Eventhough the dye from the pouches would never match the belt you're going to use.Matt's Fett belt was 250.00 last year so if it's a bargain you're looking for than the 90.00 ones might be the way to go ;)

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