Where do the collar bolts go on the cod?


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I cant see them on any reference pic so i'm confused. Are there really any on that piece?! Pics anyone?


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Yes, that is one of the few rare pictures showing how the cod piece and butt plate attach. Here is a condensed version of the pic in BountyHunter185's link.



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That pic is of the RotJ suit. Due to the lack of really, really good reference pics of the ESB suit, I can't confirm or deny that they are on it.


That's the pic I have. I just sold a set of bolts on ebay, and was asked where they go. All I have is that pic, and I don't actually use them. The girth covers that part for me, anyway.


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yeah my belts cover that part of the cod, but thats how I attach my cod & butt plate(ha butt plate)...I screwed those 2 pieces together using that, and velcro on the inside.