What's the inside of your bucket look like?


For those that aren't going for a screen accurate interior, I'm interested in knowing about your set up. Here's mine....I have the sides and green inflatble parts from an old football helmet for my basic padding. The velcro at the bottom/front is to attach my chin skirt. I removed the metal head wrap from my Aker and attached the mic to the interior. Finally I have a fan at the top that blows right down on my bald head and keeps me plenty cool.

11111fett.jpg Let me know what you think, and....I showed you mine....SHOW ME YOURS!!! ;) ~Terry
Doesn't seem like that fan would do any good. My fan is mounted right above the eyes with a little cut out of the helmet above the visor to pull air from outside. It also de-fogs the visor almost immediately after you turn it on.


I clicked on this thread because I have been doing longer troops and getting a lot of discomfort from the way my bucket is padded. Earlier this year (yeah, I've redone this one many times), I had 2 big pieces of foam in the back/top and one on my forehead. The 2 in back were creating a weird bit of pressure after a couple of hours, so after the troop I added more to the sides to even that out. At the Special Olympics 3 weeks ago, I had a pressure point above my forehead, where the padding was pressed against the seam of my balaclava. That had me wanting to close my eyes and lie down for hours afterwards. Last week, I had pulled the padding out and put the headband from a Hasbro Vader in there with some foam on it because it's hard plastic that would be cutting into me, but that was squeezing the sides of my head too much after the 5 hours of walking around outdoors.

I'm going crazy trying to figure out what to do with this. Has anyone found a comfortable way to mount hardhat liner in there like the TKs do?
Great idea for a topic! I was wondering what people did to help the helmets fit them better. I know that when I had the TK armor we used the hardhat liner, but this shape is a bit different. I don't know if it has enough room. I've seen other helmets with some sophisticated padding designs inside, so I would be very interested to see what some of the forum vets do inside their helmets.


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I was thinking the same thing. Good topic idea! I might have to install a little fan as well, a sweaty head when pulling off the helmet is not a good look to present to the ladies.


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This is the inside (so far) of my Custom Mando (Bobamaker Jango) helmet.

I used Skydex ballistics padding (from eBay). It's quite comfortable, although I haven't trooped in it yet. The top disc pad was too thick for my big head.

Still need to put a fan or two in, and other electronics.

IMG_1152.JPG IMG_1151.JPG
Mine was set up like Demagol's, but with a top pad too. I couldn't get the thickness right on it though. It always left me with too much pressure in a couple of spots. I just used styrofoam from the case my microphones come in. It doesn't make crunching noise when it moves like some styrofoam. Looking at that military helmet padding, does the velcro move and make noise? That would drive me crazy. I always try to avoid velcro in helmets and shoulders because of the sound it makes.

I can't pad too much because I wear glasses and have to go face first into my helmet to get the glasses over the check indents. That's probably where a lot of my problems are coming from. If I could bring the padding down the sides and back more, I wouldn't have so much pressure up top.
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the pads stay put pretty well with the velcro....these have a felt on the backside and stick to velcro easily respositioned also


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Looking at that military helmet padding, does the velcro move and make noise? That would drive me crazy. I always try to avoid velcro in helmets and shoulders because of the sound it makes.

As Fett 4 Real said, they don't move much and don't at all if you use more than one pad of velcro. Mine are positioned so my head isn't touching the helmet at all, so there should be plenty of airflow between the 6 pads.

Haven't noticed any pressure issues so far, but I can't wear it much at the moment until I get a balaclava. I have long hair which keeps getting caught. Blast.


I just added evilboys dual fan kit to my setup, along with a rc rangefinder. For anyone looking for a fan, go with evilboy. My bucket is jam packed with components now, but I like the light breeze the fans give. Takes the claustrophobic feeling away.
I understand the idea behind buying a quality fan kit tailored to your style helmet, clean looking, built to last. You guys with no wiring experience and very little cash, it's really easy to wire up something that works.

PC fan + 9v battery (get the connector at radioshack or rip it out of something you're not using), connect red-to-red and black-to-black with a switch in the middle of one of them. That's it. Make the connections tight; heat shrink tubing will make it last longer (you can shrink it with a hairdryer, or a couple inches above a lighter).