What's Better About the DP '95?


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I just picked up a DP '95 for $40, which sounded like a good price. I've always heard that is is "better" then the newer ones. It's it just a better shape? How different is it from the newer DP helmets?

You got a real bargain there...the 95 and 96 are both very good shapes (round head and good flair) the 97 is terrible (flat head with no flair). Nice one!
that's exactly it, the shape was all around better, especially the rounded dome (which became strangely flat by the '97). It seems the first year Don Post didn't cut as many corners. The 95 is still smaller than the real screen used prop, but at $40 you got a great deal.
I'll have to compare it to my 97, which has been silver for over a year with the visor cut out, so it's even more warped than usual. I saw the price and figured I shouldn't pass it up. Brand new in the original box even.

Also, look at the color of the vinyl: white ('95) vs. green. The white vinyl versions hold their shape much better than the green vinyl versions.

I have a '95 and a '97, and there are some considerable size differences, as well. I'll get som comparison pics for you.

1995 was the first year that DP made these helmets. The first run (as with many projects) was the best. By the time 1997 rolled around, DP knew they were not getting their LFL license renewed and their quality went downhill, thus the thinner vinyl 97's hit the market.
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