what would make cool looking thrusters for a custom mando J/P??


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I am creating my custom J/P and I am just trying to get some ideas as what I could use for my thruster pods. I was thinking I could use some shower heads those kinda have that shape but I was also thinking about a different shape any ideas??
i say this alot, but what style uou looking for?
Rose fett had thrusters for short jumps, and the fetts i think have minor flight.

We talkin bout flying long time? jump jets? hoover?
i ask because from there you can see how big the thruster should be and go on.

shower heads? that sounds coo to me, what about copper tubeing that gose from one size to another (the connector for that)?
I am incorporating this somewhat basic design into key parts of my custom (currently on the back burner)

Made out of sintra, mdf, etc.

I've actually been toying around with spring loaded sintra wings that can pop out for extended flight. It's not going to make it onto my JP this year, but if I can get the system figured out in time next year it will be.

I like the idea of the greated engine thrusters above. Gives the pack more of a jet look then a rocket look.
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