What version ammo belt is this?

Tyler Durden

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I never really looked at the photo very closely, but I noticed two interesting things (may be way old ;) ) .

One is that the ammo belt has a closure snap. Now we know that the ESB belt has at least three of these snaps, but I haven't see these snaps on either the MOM or AOSW ammo belts.
Has anyone seen this snap on the exhibition ammo belts?

And also (on the left) you see where an ammo belt cover has peeled away. Looks a little bit different than the MOM ammo belt covers, which look to be very glued on.


Tyler Durden

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Ugh, as a web developer I loathe compressed graphics-- designed to make your websurfing faster, but unfortunately you can't tell what the hell you are looking at...

That photo is on the REF CD in the following folder:
Boba Fett\Film Stills and Publicity Shots\Misc\Star Wars SE Publicity.jpg

But since you are at work, you might not have the disk on you. But you should! You should have it on you at all times...! ;)


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Nope, the Don Post belt is solid (doesn't open), and The Prop Palace uses velcro closures on theirs. Oh, I know you were kidding. ;)