Belts & Holsters What to use to hold the holster and straps together?


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What has everybody been using to hold the straps to the holsters? I have tried some screws but they keep coming undone and rivets keep popping out. Any ideas?
I used screws. all really nice and flat. But now i think I'm gonna go with the rivets again. I covered them with leather in the inside and still touched my blasters a bit. So now I'm gonna flatten the hell out of the rivets.


Foxbatkllr wrote:

Use loc-tite on whatever you put in there... it's very embarrassing when pieces of your belt start falling off...

That is what I was sort of thinking. To bad I lost one of the screws.
I'm so glad someone brought this up! I'm so sick of my friggen rivets popping out- happend at D*con on the way to the TDH forum and then at Vegas Con on the way to the 501st picture. Safety pins will be in my ammo pouch permanently- only thing that works to fix it. I may try adding an adhesive to the rivet area. Here's another costuming repair question for ya. Are there any snaps with a longer neck on them than what you can get at WalMart- those are what I used on my shoes to hold my foot armor elastic and they keep coming apart despite glueing. Suggestions?
Be careful about the loctite...a couple of screws came off and a piece of my belt (the piece that holds the holsters and cod attachment to the ammo belt) fell i put in loctite and put the piece back on...only i realized it was backward!! this was AT SD Comic-Con! I was in total panic mode. MMM came to the rescue and took my belt home to his drill press and removed the screw and replaced it with a new one. Without MMM, I wouldn't have had my ammo and holster belt for the 501st pictures!
this is what I'm using right now.

<image src=>

It works beatiful - but you have to glue inside the post or else it will screw away. So in some way its kinda permanent when you glue it. Right now i have to take mine off since I'm redoing my holsters. And its a bitch to come off.

You could buy them here.

Here are some pics of mine on the holsters. you could get any color. brass, black, nickel etc.

I added some leather in the inside of the holsters in order to keep my blasters snug, plus it helps the blaster from getting scratched.

Keep the screws a bit loose in order for your straps to move around. Thats how your holster will stay pointed straight down.

<image src=>

<image src=>



Arturo, those are the same screws I have on my holster and ammo definitely need to put on some loc-tite or else they will unscrew themselves as I explained in my story above.

SEEKER wrote:

Yikes! I would be soooo afraid!

I was, too! :) I had to finish my costume in a hurry, so I just glued everything together. The curved, outside part of the holster was glued to the flat part --no stitches. All of the straps were glued to the holster. The belt loops were glued onto the ammo pouches. Basically, any parts of the costume where leather had to be attached to leather, I used Elmer's white glue. I've worn my costume several times and so far everything's holding tight! :D I'm still afraid, though. :lol:
If you all follow seekers little tutorial, you should be just fine. Chicago screws are the way to go. They stay put pretty well, and actually let the straps move back and forth a bit so that they don't bunch up on you. Not to mention, if they do come apart at a convention, you just screw them back together. How easy is that?
I found that Testors model glue works great keeping them together. It also lets you take them appart if you need to.
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