what to do with rubies?


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howdy folds:moon :lol: . i have recently purchased a rubies boba fett helmet, not bad for shape but the paint job and partial visor are a joke. if anybody would have any suggestions about repaint and overall modifications it would be much appreciated.:cheers
Well, to answer your first question...Search the message boards there are at least like 10 helmet "Build ups" that have been posted with step-by-step instructions. For the second question, the rubies helmets arn't "movie accurate", but if you "flare" it, and give it a nice paint job and add a full green T-visor, you can have something quite descent.:)
I've got one I'm taking my time with. From what I've seen and measured out, the Rubies is pretty close to the size of the "Mystery Helmet" dimentions posted on TK409's website.
Well i can tell you what i would do. Id fill the thing with dTNT or fireworks & lite the fuse. run to a safe area & watch the amazement unfold. if theres anything left of a melted mess then sell it on ebay as a peice of art :D
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