what should I use for a lightsaber?

Zurath Kodul

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I know that I've made some of you mad at me over the past few weeks, and I'm sorry for that. I hope that we can start over on the right foot with this thread.

I'm going to get a piece of pipe for the saber, but need some help on what size it should be. I also would like advice on what to use to detail it.

Once again, I'm sorry for what has happened before, so let's start over here. HF
Yeah, I saw those, made me jealous. I'm thinking of just buying one, but unsure if it would look cheesy or not. The stroe-bought are the 12-16" long ones with a flimsy belt clip, what do yuo guys think?
Now that I think of it...might be the best idea in your case. The parts for mine cost around $20-30 for each one...and I had to use a dremel tool with a cutting wheel to make them. If you don't have one of those badboys...you're kind of limited on designs.
Yep, you should probably go that route if you don't have a dremel. But make sure if you continue costuming and prop building, you should definatly get a dremel as soon as you can. It's truly a great thing. *hugs dremel* :p
You should really check out the Jedi Assembly and look up a guy called Tanzan. He has made a tutorial on cutting metal pipes with hacksaws and no dremels. He's a saber master and the one i learned how to build this:

My latest "dooku style" curved handle lightsaber:



I need to get some brighter pics. I used a curved vaccuum cleaner handle and a dremel to cut the sink tube that's slipped over it. It's also got a painted sink faucet handle as a pommel and 40 O-rings for the grip.

I own 2 hardware sabers...and this is my favorite.
Ah, yeah, forgot about TBYB. I made the Vader style hilt that's on that website. While building it, I couldn't find the thin-walled PVC, so it turned out kind of crappy with the thick-walled stuff, which was too big for the drain tube. Since then I have found the right PVC, and I'm using it for my custom Mando blaster. :)

I saw those over at TIA, very nice work.

I'll Check TBYB for the stuff, as long as it's not too expensive. My mom is already about to kill me 'cause I talked her into 3 cans of paint for my armor. Theres a craft shop around that going out of business and we go them for 20% off, just under $15.
That must be some high quality paint. I got 3 cans for $8 for my Mando.

If it helps, my Vader style lightsaber cost about $15. It was made with a metal drain pipe, PVC, windshield wiper for grips, screws for the grips, and some random things for a button and knob. I used a dremel to cut the PVC, but the cuts weren't too detailed, so it could probably be done with a hacksaw too.
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