What glue not to use to install a visor!


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I learned an important lesson. After much thought, I decided to put a new visor in my Rubies jango bucket. I got alot of great tips on how to go about this and what to use for the visor, glue tips etc.

I went out and picked up a tinted welders mask(thanks mrfett)and it worked great. I cut it and installed it w/ 2 part epoxy(thanks shawnpane, it held solid) I then decided that a little thick super glue around the edges would make it bullet proof. (bad idea#1)

Those of you That watch the show CSI Know the best way to lift a finger print off of an object is w/ super glue in an enclosed environment, much like my finger prints on the inside of my visor w/ my bucket turned upside down.

I awoke this morning to find my prints welded into my visor. Now I have never come across this problem before but everyone and thier brother knows how to take super glue off something, you use nail polish remover(bad idea #2). I never thought that a mask that protects you from sparks would cloud up when nail polish was used.

Just thought I would share...
You might be able to salvage it by sanding out with progressively finer sandpaper & lots of water until you get to about 1600 grit. There are clear plastic polishes that will take care of the rest of the fine scratching. A dremmel with a polishing pad will speed things up. I had to do this on my visor because I let it get a little too hot when I thermoformed it & the cookie sheet left some imprints on it. It all worked fine for me.
Bet you'll ask first next time, won't ya? ;)

Well, it's probably little consolation, but at least you'll never make *that* mistake again! :)
Just got the novus polishes today at an acrylic place. The owner gave me a little sample pac of each one free! What a nice guy. Any way the stuff worked great considering how I skrewed the visor up in the first place.
Thanks to all who responded for the help on this one:)
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