What does the interior of your helmet look like?


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Del Fargazer: Can you tell us a little more about the padding in your helmet, and how your toggle switch works with the led's. thanks

Del Fargazer

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The padding is just cut up foam blocks (from a box of hard disks). Once they were the size that looked okay and fit snug (I just double sided taped them in place temporarily) I cut out pieces of material and hot glued the material over the foam blocks .. then hot glued them in place (I used hot glue so I could remove them 'fairly' easily later on.

As for the switches, there is a 9V battery at the top back of the helmet (tucked between some padding) that runs both the mini fan and LED's. Wiring goes from the battery thru each toggle switch (mounted on sintra on the side of helmet opposite the fan - top of photo) and then on to the fan and the LED's separately so I can turn either on or off.