What do you think of my 96 Don Post??

I saw that auction, it looks very nice. I always liked BP helmets but I am new to this so I don't know if they are good or not :)
Thanx, it came out expensive but worth every penny, although it did not came with the lights in the range finder as the auction said but I am very happy with it. I can say that there is a lot of effort put into the helmets by BP so that they come out as accurate as possible.
Hey Defiler nice bucket had my eye on it as well. Good catch. Now about those LEDs not to long ago myself and several other members posted some simple tutorials on how to install your own. Cant find the thread right now but i'll keep an eye out for it.
I know but if you on down through it there is info there on leds in the rangefinder. Don't know how the topic changed so fast but its there.
Here i'll save you the trip.
This is my description of how to do it:

TK-Fett wrote:

I have LEDs in my Boba rangefinder and all you have to do is supply a powers source but not to strong because to much power will burn them up in seconds. The LEDs I used were about 2.0 volts a piece. I used 4 so that equaled 8 volts and a 9 volt battery wasnt to strong. Then I bored out my DP range finder (a hollow one will work best), poped the top off of the R/F then ran the wires all the way through stalk. Then simply hook up a switch button (not a momentary) and a battery. There you go. If anyone needs more info feel free to PM me.

P.S. these leds DON'T blink.

Here is malcfett's:

malcfett wrote:

TK-Fett - Yeah, that's pretty much how I did mine too.

Mirax- I popped off the Rubies rangefinder top after scoring the glued seams
with an exacto knife. I then cut out the two plastic anchor posts inside to make
room for the LED components. I then used the exacto knife to drill out the two
raised bumps found on the top of the rangefinder by digging the tip of the knife
into their center and just spinning the knife (this drills the plastic out nice & clean).
I also cut out a notch in the bottom of the rangefinder close to the stalk for a switch.
I then got two 3 volt LEDs (the blue one doesn't blink, the green one blinks), one
3 volt Lithium watch battery, and a .99 cent digital watch, and a sub-mini slide
switch (Cat. # 275-406A), and some thin gauge electrical wire, all from Radio Shack.
I took out the battery housing from the watch, put in the battery, then saudered the
wire connections to the slide switch. I then screwed the slide switch into the slot by
using the provided screws and drilling in small screw holes into the plastic using the
exacto drilling method mentioned above. I then saudered wires from the switch
to the LEDs, bent them to fit inside the rangefinder, then closed the rangefinder up
(gluing at just certain spots on the inside lid so it would be relatively easy to open
up again when the battery needs to be replaced). The juice from one 3V lithium
battery is enough to run both LEDs for a long time.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.
Were there LEDs installed but don't light up, or just no LEDs put in at all?? If you contact him he'll hook you up man, especially if it says it in the auction. Have done work with him before and he wouldn't knowingly short you like that...
No, there are no lights at all but it's ok, I will install them myself. Anyway, I will soon upgrade to a full size helmet (when I find one), any thoughts on where to get one?? PM me if anybody knows where to find one.
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