What do you guys think about this auction?

I'm sure more than 1 set of the the gauntlets was made for the movie (The one known real set being on exhibit) ... and it looks pretty authentic, with the construction details and weathering etc., that doesn't mean it is.

Maybe it is real... maybe it isn't... If it was pilfered from the set, you're not going to get a certificate of authenticity.
Well, i´ve sent a Mail to the seller and he says he has no more pics and he has no certify of autenticity, then as he also has 0 feedback i really don´t trust on that auction :p
Thats no crappy piece made by a fan, my opinion I believe it to be either made by a really good prop maker or one of the possibly many pieces thrown away by ILM.

Unfortunatly without someone from ILM or a picture anything proving it, its all speculation much like the many stunt helmets and copies, just never know whats the truth and whats made up. do not trust anyone without proof esp on ebay.

+those are just pictures, you never know what your going to actualy receive.
D***, I just got outbid. You guys all know how much research I have done on this costume, and d*** it, it's the real thing. I didn't say anything, cause I wanted to bid on it and not attract anymore attention. I hope that whomever rosebudgallery is on ebay gives me an email when they've gotten their stuff. Ebay won't let me contact the winner. ARGHGHGH!!! The seller sent me 3 more hazy pics of it. I have been making the left gauntlet and I was so happy when the right sided one was up for sale. I thought, wow- that would be so cool. My left one to match the real thing, if I won! @$#%@% I lost:angry:cry Oh well, hopefully rosebudgallery is a member of this board and if they are close by to MD- man, would I love to stare at it for hours.... :LOL
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D***, the bidder lives in Cali-- KnC it's up to you guys to stalk it outt :lol:
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I seriously considered bidding on it ... but didn't do it because of 0 feedback and how it had to be paid. Sorry you lost it ZIA :( At least it wasn't to me! ;)

The good news... ZIA is now making gauntlets! (y) You better put me down for a pair of those! :D
Zam I am, i wouldnt be sad. 700$ for this... without certify of autenticity and 0 feedback new user... I really wouldnt trust on it. I´m sure there are CHEAPER ways to get a super nice gauntlet
That's not $700 US, that's $700 AUS and, it's the real thing. That's why I am so sad. This seller was not an ebay regular, because they lived in Austrailia, where many of the costumes were made, and was "given" the item by someone who worked for LFL. It would have been a steal. Thank you for posting it JangoUri, I wouldn't have ever bid on it or asked the seller questions if you hadn't. Unfortuneately the person who outbid me is a "collector" someone who wouldn't appreciate it like a costumer. They would appreciate it only for it's rarity, not for construction, and replication. Unlike me, who would go over it millimeter by millimeter. And, I only sculpted the left one because of a particular event, which I had stopped sculpting, because Judz Dwedd let me borrow his- - I was in a pinch on time, and couldn't finish. BTW, he gets applauded for helping out a fellow zammer in a time of desperate costuming need. (my original gauntlets broke) Awwwcrap, please, don't pummel me with questions about gauntlets right now. And, I am surprised DCB didn't see it and snag it, cause he's more of the ebay guru than most of us. His t-shirt biz must be entirely exhausting him.
*pummel... pummel ... pummel*

Oh... sorry ZIA ;) Don't worry about it ... I've got plenty left to do on the costume. I sincerely do hope you will work on the gauntlets at some point though.

And, well you did get some great reference pics for free, even if you didn't get the goods. :)
Zam I Am said:
D***, I just got outbid. You guys all know how much research I have done on this costume, and d*** it, it's the real thing. I didn't say anything, cause I wanted to bid on it and not attract anymore attention.
Maybe that is why the starter of the thread should have followed the Rules and NOT posted a link to a LIVE auction!:(

Do not post or discuss live or pending auctions under any circumstances. Should you find an item coming up for bid that you think would be of interest to fellow members, save the images and related information until AFTER the auction has closed.Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction. In this case you are advertising your auction to other potentially interested parties on at TDH.
Desloc said:
Maybe that is why the starter of the thread should have followed the Rules and NOT posted a link to a LIVE auction!:(

Sorry Desloc, I was actually glad that the poster did post the live auction. I wouldn't have seen it on ebay, because I am not a ebay scavenger, had jangouri not posted it.(THANK YOU JANGOURI!) I rarely check because I am so freakishly busy with my baby. I am pretty sure it wasn't anyone here that won that auction, or else they would fess up. LOL or I think they would have fessed up :lol: JangoUri wanted to know if it was the real thing or not despite what the seller put on it. I kinda have the opinion, that if it's ebay or anyother reference, it's ok for for someone who is less knowledgeable to ask the ones who have researched longer on subject matter to provide imput.I was actually just miffed that I lost the holy grail. DOH! I say kudo's to jangouri for posting it, and even though many on this zam forum have expertise on the subject matter, they have the right withhold comment or, comment at will. So, after auction was over, I started commenting... ;) BTW folks, it was the 5th cast of the gauntlet, used in her promo shots. That's what I gathered from emails to the seller. Dunno if DCB got anyother info.
I only wish one of us pioneering zammers would've got that thing ;) Seriously though if I would've known about it while it was running I would probably have it in my possession and be cutting some sweet deals on some "accurate" gauntlets to our friends here ;) ... oh well :)
Hey guys, for the record, there were at least 5 Zam gauntlets made for her. This auction was for the number 5 gauntlet. We know that from Dressing the Galaxy I think 6? Jango costumes were made, so I am sure they made close to that for Zam as well.
Ah, this happened in my 2-year hiatus from the board (the reason for the hiatus remains -- schooling -- I am just more committed to procrastinating these days!). I know of four people in Cali doing this costume right now, aside from my planned revisions. Two of them I have spoken to and it seems like they would have mentioned something like this! I don't really know the other two at all, but they are members here, so if it is them, they may speak up :)
Naw, "rosebudgallery" is a collector from the looks of it. All the stuff the buyer has purchased looks like sci-fi collector stuff not necessarily costuming stuff. Not that costumers don't collect, but the history just doesn't look like it, I dunno, maybe I assume too much. Cause my hubby's purchase history is sci-fi props not costuming.. eh what do I know? It's alright, if it wasn't for JangoUri, I wouldn't have bid on it and got that info from the seller ;) But if you know anyone on the RPF or elsewhere with the screenname. They're the ones who won out. I don't have a selling account on Ebay, or I would have contacted them.
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