What do i use on the MSH2???

Ok Guys, here's the abridged version ..

The pic below is of an old DP DLX Build up I did awhile back, but the principle is exactly the same, and it's what I had on hand in a pinch ....

The "Bolt On" method is what I prefer ... and of course is more accurate. You run less risk in having your ears fall off at a con. If the helmet flex's , it could break the seal on the 5 min Epoxy. Whereas not many ppl have experienced this problem, and might swear by their epoxy, I feel that this is the "Bulletproof" way of doing things. Hot Glue ... is a no .. no, especially in a hot or humid environment.

Real simple ... get yourself a pack of 8x32 1/2 or 3/4 inch machine bolts , and matching nuts and washers at your local hardware store. Cut the heads off "Clean" with a rotary tool and cut off wheel. Drill 8x32 holes in your resin earpieces in the locations you see in the pics .. the red dots you see on the RF top ear piece are the best locations I've found for eliminating the "Shifting" that some get when they move their RF's around.

After you've drilled your holes, drop a "Drop" of superglue down one hole at a time, and screw in the "Machined Studs" you just made with a pair of pliers, taking care not to damage the threads. After you done this to each hole, let it dry for a while.

Next you can drill corresponding holes in your bucket. You can do this by rubbing a little black charcoal on the bottoms of each machined bolt, and then sticking up to your bucket and pressing the bolts against the bucket. When you pull it away, you get a black spec where you need to drill your corresponding holes. After you’re done with drilling your holes, put your earpieces on, and nut them in from inside your bucket.

Now, there will inevitably be different methods of marking your placement holes onto your bucket before drilling, this is just one guideline. Just take it slow, and be careful. If you don't line it up quite right, you can file the holes out from side to side, or up to down, until you get your earpieces to fit and align properly. This is not usually a problem because you will be nutting them from behind with washers. If anyone has a better method of alignment, please post it ... I'm tired at the moment, and have the beginnings of the "FLU" !! ARG :lol:

After your done, you can take your ears on and off at will for maintenance if needed.

Hope this helps out ...

I did mine in a similar way as your's FP. I drilled the holes in my helmet first though, then taped the ears on where they looked good and then marked the ears from the inside where your holes are on the helmet.
Since we are talking about the ears mine dont seem to sit flush on the helmet will they be ok when I bolt them on like mentioned above or do I need to do some thing else?

Ruffkintoy wrote:

I did mine in a similar way as your's FP. I drilled the holes in my helmet first though, then taped the ears on where they looked good and then marked the ears from the inside where your holes are on the helmet.

There ya go !!! Exactly !!! Thanks Rufkintoy ! This is what too much cold medicine does for someone .. I knew there was a better way :lol:

Alternatively, one could also use a simple piece of white paper to make a template. Place the paper on the back of your ear cap, with a black permanent marker, mark where you want the holes on the paper in relation to the shape of the earpiece, let the marker "Bleed" through a little onto the back of the earpiece, you now have marks on the back of the earpiece. Then put the paper with the marks, onto the appropriate part of the helmet and go over the same marks again and let it "Bleed" through again .. whalla .. corresponding placement markers ;)

TK-Fett .. no the ears aren't designed to sit "perfectly" flush. Once you're studded and mounted .... (No comments from the gallery please :lol: ) they will pull in flush. If you are gluing, use "C" clamps or something equivalent to hold in place until the glue is set.


obi sean kenobi wrote:

can you glue them on? super glue or goop?

Sure, you can attach them however you want. I epoxied my ears on my MSH bucket. My MSH2 buckets ears are screwed on.
The above is only a suggestion of a couple of several methods to attach the ears. It is all preference, some bolt, some screw, some glue, the choice is yours.

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