what color dye do I use for Boba suit?


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If you do a search here for dying jumpsuits, I know there is a few Threads about it. In fact I recall someone posting a formula of one teaspoon of this dye with 1/4 teaspoon of another and some salt and dipping it all for a certain amount of time! LOL
Must have been an engineer that posted that cause it was pretty darn descriptive too!

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You might want to be careful, being as that the jumpsuit is a poly blend, I am not too sure how well it will dye.

Just a heads up,



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I did my ESB jumpsuit out of the Red Kap white coveralls, They were a poly blend as well. I used Rit dye Evening Blue. They dyed nicely, I used some diluted black dye to add a gray tinit to it as well.