What are the boot colors on the ROTJ suit? [Braks?]


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I'm doing the ROTJ version of Fett and have Cheng bounty hunter boots. The boots as everyone knows are done in ESB colors.

I've seen in many photos and shots that the ROTJ boot colors consist of black and dark green. Can anyone validate the actual colors used on the ROTJ boots? I am thinking of dying my Cheng boots to the ROTJ color scheme.

Braks Buddy? Are you there? (Thanks for your ROTJ cape tutorial.)
The colors look green on the sides and black through the middle and ankles. It just seems like a different color scheme rather than severe dirt to me. I dunno.
Could you post a picture where you believe the ROTJ boots to be green and black? I haven't seen any photo that would indicate that.

Here are two pics of the boots-- one of the MOM boots and the other of the AOSW boots:



What I do think you see are discrepancies in weathering and aging. A worn, weathered grey has the ability to look greenish in a certain light.
What would I need to do to get my boots to that dirty shade? They look somewhat greenish to me. But I can tell they're gray still. My Cheng boots' colors do not at all look this way. They are bright gray and even the ankle elastic is light gray and not black like the pics you posted. The SW Visual Dictionary's Fett pic has boots that look so green. I'll try and get a scan of it asap.
So what color is the stripe down the middle? When I made mine, I painted on two shades of grey. Now I'm redoing them in canvas, so I'd like to get it right this time.
Looks like you can do the middle stripe about 10 or 20% darker than the rest of the boot and be ok.

As for dirtying them up, you can get some Woodland Scenics earth-tone paint (there's a link around here somewhere). Or, just mist/sponge/wipe on some diluted fabric dyes (use tan, light blue, black, dark green and orange) just be sure not to get too heavy with your application...build up the weathering slowly.
Or you could go outside and actually get them...dare I say it...DIRTY! LOL

Just walk around in different dirt and sand areas and you'll get that look too. ;)
Just thought of a good idea of weathering those boots. As you can see they kinda have a brownish dirtyness to them and instead of trying to paint that color on, try going a local baseball field and get some of the "dirt" from the in-field and use that. The color of that dirt looks very close to the worn scuffed up look on the MOM suit...Plus the baseball 'in-field" dirt is pretty easy to deal with. If you screw up you can always take a wet paper towl to it and redo it till you get the desired effect...... hope this helps - Tim Allen
Good idea, Tim. The studios use diatomaceous earth to simulate dirt and crud on costumes/faces etc. Some of my "other" clothing that I have worn for "the biz" still has stains that were aplied so heavily they wouldn't wash out. ....I think the infield dirt would be easier/more accessible and cheaper.
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