Were can I get a top notch Jumpsuit?


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Where can I get a top notch Jumpsuit?

I'm in the market for a top notch jumpsuit. Do we have any makers here on the boards? If not, I'll plan on going with the Red Cap coveralls. Anyone know of a good online retailer they used?
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Thanks for the sugg. The local surplus had some used Red Caps but they were too torn up and big. I'm already using a pair of Dickies coveralls and work shirt, but the color's too off for my taste. And before I go and buy a set of Red Cap coveralls and lab coat for the double sleeve and alter everything, I wanted to see if anyone here makes a better jumpsuit that's available. I'd like to keep my $$ within TDH if possible.
Thanks, Cruzer_Fett
What ever you do, don't buy from Starfortress! I've heard very positive things about Skygunbro but there grey so you would have to dye it.
By the way unless you know someone who knows how to sew, after you buy the components and take it to a taylor to have them fabricated it will usually run you more than a "already made" suit. I know from experience. ;)
Thanks pennywisesweetooth, too bad about Starfortress, I've been seeing all of the negative feedback about him, and that's too bad because I was hoping to buy a pair of their Jango knee armors from him and a few other things-not anymore though. And you're right about the tailoring but fortunately my wonderful mom taught me how to use a sewing machine pretty good before I left the nest.

Mandalore697 thanks for the sugg. I didn't know about Bobamaker and now I'll try to get in touch with him.

I know I can always count on TDHers for the absolute best info!!!
with the dickies if you arent happy with the color *which of course you stated earlier* at walmart they have Rit Dye Color-Remover. Its like a bleach kinda thing (not that it contains bleach, but turns the jumpsuit white)

Then you can create your own concauction*sp? of color with the rit dye choices they have there as well. I did that with my old jango before I got rid of it, and it turned out rather nice.
You know I tried bleaching the heck out of it and at the end ended up having about 4-5 bottles of bleach in the washing machine water, and let it sit for a few hours with hardly any difference in the color. The coveralls were the poly/cotton blend so I figured that was the problem. So does the Rit color remover have something in it that the bleach didn't. I wonder?
Although I'm usually first in line to bag SF, they do make an OK set of Knee armor. I had to reinforce mine, but the shape, size & look are all very good. The Jango jumpsuit on the other-hand is way, way, way too dark.
Good-luck finding an accurate Jango jumpsuit, and when you do, tell the rest of us where to find one!

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If you have the spare cash, hire a professional seamstress to make your jumpsuit. I did, and although it's probably the most expensive part of my Jango project, I couldn't have asked for a better fit or a more perfect rendering of what I wanted. I took Mirax's advice and used the Green Pepper jumpsuit pattern. A couple of mods made it the perfect choice. Before hiring the seamstress, I looked all over southern California for the just the right color and weight of fabric. That too, made all the difference. My approach isn't best for everyone, but I wasn't going to spend a minute or a dime trying to dye (and re-dye) my jumpsuit to the right color or trying to modify something from a surplus store. If you go this route, be sure to wash (shrink) the fabric before turning it over to your seamstress... and dry clean only to keep that color and fit!

Joren Fett

PS: Hey everyone! I've been gone for months and finally started working on my Jango again after about a year of downtime.
Yeah, that was my problem then Pennywisesweetooth. Thanks Joren Fett for the good suggestions. I think I'm going to try and contact Bobamaker, but if I have no luck, I'll go for broke and try making one myself. If anyone knows where to get the best material, let me know.
And CaptJono your right SF makes some killer knee armor and that's why I wanted to invest some money into them, but I don't know if I want to take the risk of having a hassle on my hands. I'll keep you posted.
Hey Joren Fett, I like your thinking.
Can you tell us what type of fabric you used for your jumpsuit.
Weave, Weight, Material & color info would be great.
I'm sure there is 'seamstress jargon' that covers these attributes of fabric, just tell us what you can.
Thanks, Jono! Good questions. I honestly can't remember much about the raw fabric, now that it's a jumpsuit. I believe it was a poly/cotton blend, and it feels like a medium weight compared to many others I considered using. It's not as soft as 100% cotton, but that means it will breathe better on hot days. The color (for me) was the most important thing, but remember... I deviated from the general concensus as to what's "accurate" for Jango. As for the name of the color, I wrote it down somewhere during my research phase a year or so ago, but I just can't remember it right now.

Joren Fett
Hey Joren, do you at the least remember the name of the fabric store you bought your material at? Would it happen to be one of the big dealers that are located throught the states, like Hancock Fabrics or JoAnn's Fabrics? Thanks and any info will help. I just got my Red Kapp coveralls and workshirt in the mail today and I'm not satisfied. I'm going to check out that Green Pepper pattern and look for some material and get started on making my own. thanks
Thanks askywalker98!

Cruzer... it was definitely not Hancock or Joanns. I scoured those places early on and found nothing that was close to what I wanted. I even went to some "open to the public" fabric warehouses and the entire Downtown LA garment district and didn't find what I wanted. I don't think it was a chain store where I finally found my polycotton bounty. If it was, it's a smaller chain. I'll look for my old receipts, and I'll update this thread if I find the info you want.

But seriously... take some time to search for the color that suits you best if you're going to have one custom-made. I'd hate for you to finally track down the color that I chose and have it not be to your liking. I'd post a picture of my fabric/jumpsuit, but I guarantee you the color will not come across accurately on screen.

Stay tuned.

Joren Fett
Thanks man, appreciate it, but I would still be interested in seeing a pic of your jumpsuit to see how it turned out and to see the photo color. It may be a color for consideration. I'm only used to seeing the inaccurate but still good dark blues and the Red Kapp postal color. I would love to see a pic. Cheers, Cruzer
With the costume on display at the Fashion Institute in LA, I'd hold off on finalizing the color...I'll be taking a pantone color guide to determine the true color of Jango's jumpsuit and paint colors.
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