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Guys I need some advice on weathing/making my boba dirty. Give me some ideas here here boys. I am hoping by January 1 I am going to be 100% done with my fett and happy. Who knows Happiness with fett is constantly changing
I used charcoal on the jumpsuit. Get some fat vine charcoal from the art store, heck even barbeque charcoal will work (the kind without the lighter fuel added). You can sand it to a power with sandpaper and apply it with a cloth or brush or whatever. Nice thing is, it washes out.

You can do the same thing with brown and gray pastels too.

I also made a watery brownish wash with acrylic paint and applied it to the jumpsuit with a spray bottle. This won't wash out.
I used a combination of Charcoal, Flat balck/grey spray bombs, rust/tan/brown/grimy black model paints and some black wash acrylic spray.

I think it turned out great - make sure you place weathering where it would normally occur (i.e. leg/arm cuffs, edges of pockets etc). Aslo you can scuff some of the material in areas with sandpaper or a file.

Hope this helps,

if you go to the armor section you can look for threads of gator fett, pavespawn or myself, I believe we all 3 have a few threads that are pretty recent and show alot of "alongtheway" photo's. :)

if you typ:

ESB ROTJ conversion

in the search thread all of my paint jobs pop up... jet pack, armor, gauntlets etc...

it's all basically the same :)

only soft parts are different... theyre easier...

hope you can find something usefull there :)
I used a mix of acrylic rust and black in an airbrush. Then I did a misting of dark grey primer. You really have to weather it more than you think you do. The trick is to weather some, then take a picture of it. If you can't really see it in the photos, then you did not do enough.
I used a mix of a dark brown with a black in some water then airbrushed it on. Mine was a simple pactera paint that I picked up at the craft store. I did a ton of it and then washed the suit, some of it came out but it left a perfect amount in. As Loranar said do it in places that the suit would weather naturally, I did mine from the bottom up, since running around would make your jumpsuit dirty on the bottom of the legs before the chest. Also I added some to the flaps on the pockets since Boba would go into those more often and they would get nasty.
I bought a set of pastels,cheap in a discount shop and just tried to make it look beat up,worked a treat,as the guy I buy from don't weather his 'softs'.
A bit of brown,black,and streaks of any other colour works well.
I got a good effect by using my fingers to 'streak' the pastels,so it looks more 'real'.
Jeez,I haven'tb been on this site for more than 2 days,and I have just realised how much work is involved in having a good fett rig..............airbrushing and moulding and stuff,wow,you guys are way ahead of me.....glad I found this site.
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