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i have found the secret to weathering. (most of you probably already know) but here is what i did: sprayed mettalic silver paint on the armor. then i put scotch blue painters tape on and then painted over the tape. it worked relly well.

(my custom mando is 60% finished)


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Could you elaborate? Guess I just don't understand what you you're walking around with tape all over your armor painted silver? j/k... :lol: but seriously, what do you mean...paint bleeds through tape? ...or peeling the tape off leaves a nice finish?


Im assuming he means paints over the tape. A technique that many use is to tear tape up so it looks jagged and rough and then apply it over a silver coating of paint where you want the weathering to appear. Once the tape is on, paint over it with the top color, then when you remove the tape, you have simulated silver scratches. (Or whatever color you choose to use underneath)



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Tape is much to crude a product to give the effects of Boba Fetts armor, a liquid is the prefered method. I suppose its fine for a custom but Boba Fett it just to detailed.